GIFTTT guide: For your next gift exchange

By The IFTTT Team

November 10, 2021

  • Secret santa or gift exchange parties can be hard to buy for, especially if you are new to the group or do not know everyone very well. Smart devices are a genius addition to the gift pile because they offer flexibility and are not an item that will idly collect dust as might other trinkets. Yours might just be the gift box that everyone is vying for the whole time.

    Since you might be exchanging gifts with a group that has variable tech knowledge and comfort levels, this list only contains devices that require minimal setup. We have also added an approximate price point for each (in USD).

    Under $10

    Spotify Premium

    If one of your co-workers or friends loves to listen to music or podcasts, give them the gift of commercial-free access to their favorite artists and creators with Spotify Premium.

    Pocket Premium

    Pocket is a great ad-free way to read news, catch up on the latest trends, and remember to read that article your mom emailed you last week. Absorb stories at your own pace, send them to Pocket from different devices, and create a permanent collection of articles that you have loved. This is a perffect gift for a group that prides themselves on staying informed, having discussions, or following the latest stories.

    Under $25

    WIZ smart bulbs

    Compatible in the same ways as any light bulb, WIZ smart bulbs bring a new light into any space. Additionally, they can be controlled via voice asssistants and seamlessly integrated into your home with IFTTT.

    WeMo smart plug

    Plug and go with WeMo smart plugs. These are a great addition to any wall outlet or extension cord. Control entire holiday scenes in your house or automate different lights around the house to illuminate at various points in the day.

    Under $50

    Wyze camera

    Surprisingly cost effective for the quality and integration opportunities, Wyze home monitoring cameras or door sensors would be a great gift for anyone who has recently moved or who has an interest in increasing the security in their living space. These cameras are very easy to set up, can be controlled through the Wyze app, and can be upgraded using IFTTT automations.

    Under $100


    Priced just under $100, the FitBit Inspire Fitness Tracker is a slim wearable device with the ability to track daily activity and sleep tracking. This conservatively priced fitness tracker is even completely waterproof, making this a great fit if you are in an active group who loves different activities.

    Divoom Pixoo

    The Divoom Pixoo is a fun and unique gift is a digital picture frame that can be customized and animated. The unique frame is perfect for a workspace, room, or gaming area. Use it as a themed piece of art depending on the season, change it throughout the day, or use it as a visual signal based on other smart home elements.

    Taking your gifts to the next level

    All of these gifts are part of the IFTTT platform, meaning that their out-of-the-box functionality is only the beginning. Encourage the receiver of the gift to connect their account, device, or service to IFTTT and integr

    With over 700 services available on IFTTT, you no longer need to worry about the potential incompatibility of smart devices across brands. We make it quick and easy to integrate devices and create automations that fit anyone’s lifestyle or routines.

    See what else is possible with IFTTT. 👇