Go Pro (for free)

By The IFTTT Team

January 26, 2022

  • IFTTT is the fastest way to automate and integrate the devices in your life. Applets help users around the world increase daily productivity and connect their smart home in powerful ways. Creating workflows that make every thing work better together is what we do, and we have a few different ways to make the most of IFTTT.


    If this, then that.

    Our Free plan includes a limited number of Applets. Whether you choose to enable already published Applets or make them yourself is up to you. Get complete access to over 750 services with endless ways to mix different triggers and actions, for free.


    If this then that, and that.

    Pro is for users who want to take their automations to the next level. Pro users can make up to 20 Applets and access our most popular advanced feature, multiple actions.

    Multiple actions allows users to do even more with a single Applet. Your Applets become more powerful when they are capable of communicating with more than one service at a time.

    In addition to multiple actions, Pro users get faster Applets than Free users. This means that Pro users get more, faster updates for different events. Faster Applets mean you will be the first to know about a new Tweet that mentions your name, keep up with an RSS Feed, or a New York Times article that might interest you, among so many other examples.

    Finally, Pro users get access to our friendly customer support team. Quickly get answers to all of your questions or concerns from the experts. They are just an email away to help you puzzle together Applets or resolve an issue you have encountered along the way.

    You can try Pro for a week for free. Test it out and explore what else you can do with more Applets and more actions.



    If this, only when this, then that, and that.

    Our most advanced plan includes access to unlimited Applets. Create, enable, and publish as many Applets as you want.

    Additional features for Applet creation include access to queries and filter code. Filter code makes it possible to add certain conditional logic that controls whether your Applet action takes

    place. Add code that limits whether an Applet runs before the sun sets, only on weekends, or only when you’re at work. With the ability to query and add filters to your Applets, you are in complete control of what happens when your trigger is fired.

    Go Pro+ for a week for free and try these features yourself.


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    How you integrate the services in your life is up to you. Explore the apps, services, and devices available on IFTTT to see how you can combine them to create powerful experiences for your home.