How to use new widgets on iOS 2023

  • What are widgets?

    Widgets are a quick way to access information from an app. You can manage your device widgets by selecting the plus icon on your home screen. IFTTT widgets give you access to our popular widgets that can all act as triggers for your favorite automations.

    What about the old widgets?

    You can use both of the kinds of widgets using the Today View and selecting the plus icon on the top-right to edit the available widgets.

    Button widget

    The IFTTT button widget can do it all with a single click.

    With thousands of possible associated actions, you can customize a button to control devices in your smart home, send an email to someone, or even track the hours you work every day. We have seen creative examples of users creating buttons to let a loved one know they are thinking of them or to enable their preferred night time settings in their smart home.

  • Note widget

    Jot down a quick thought to save it or send it to yourself later. Sticky notes can get lost and writing reminders on your hand is no longer the best way to set reminders. Create an Applet that turns your notes into calendar events or adds them to your task list. For content creators or writers, compile your notes into a document that you can reference at a later time.

    Sometimes our best ideas come to us at the least convenient times, write them down so you don’t forget!

  • Camera widget

    A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a quick snap on your phone at a moment you need it is worth even more. Send a photo of your professor’s white board as an email to your study group or take a picture of your receipt to add it to your budgeting spreadsheet or invoices.

    The camera widget can help you quickly share information with others via different messaging services, let someone know you are thinking of them, or as a way to create a personal reminder. This can help you minimize the amount of screenshots and photos taking up storage space on your phone as well.

  • How to add IFTTT widgets to your home screen

    First, make sure you have the latest version of the iOS app on your smartphone.

    On your device’s home screen, hold an app until all of the icons on your screen are moving. Tap the + button in the top-right corner.

    Scroll to locate IFTTT in the list of widgets or search at the top.

    Select whether you would like a single or multiple widget view, and select “Add widget”. You will be able to choose where the widgets appear on your screens and edit the applets within each widget.

    Get started with widgets

    How you use these widgets is up to you, download the latest version of the iOS app in the Apple store to get started.


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