Introducing the AI Applet maker

By The IFTTT Team

June 14, 2024

Introducing the AI Applet maker
  • The AI Applet maker is here!

    Now in our Create page, you can use natural language to create custom Applets. This is designed to help people create, enable, and use automations more quickly, helping them save even more time. Check out this video to learn more.

    How to use the AI Applet maker

    Write what Applet you want to create in natural language. Our tool will then understand your goal and build the custom Applet outline for you. Here are a couple of things to think about when writing your prompt.

    1. Use services that are live on IFTTT.

    If you choose a service that is not available on IFTTT, you will get an error. No worries! Just write in an alternative service. We have almost 1,000 services currently on IFTTT, so there is a good chance a service you need is available.

    2. Structure your prompt in an "if this then that" style.

    This helpsw IFTTT AI understand your goal and be more accurate in the creation of your Applet.

    Here are a few example prompts to use!

    If there is a new Tweet with a keyword, then add it to a Google Sheet.

    If I miss a phone call, then send myself an email.

    If an RSS feed has a new item, then send me a notification.

    Happy creating!