Make your home scary smart

By The IFTTT Team

October 25, 2023

Make your home scary smart
  • Be the ghostess with the mostess and give your neighbours pumpkin to talk about with the ultimate Halloween Applet. In our latest video, Jenna decorates her front porch with simple devices and automations.

    For more ways to haunt your house with IFTTT, check out our Halloween Applet collection here and our Halloween Creator roundup.

    Ambient porch lighting

    Using a color smart light on your porch, you can add a spooky ambiance to your entrance. Use one of the sunset triggers to have it turn on automatically in the evening.

  • Scare button

    For this button to work, you will need a smart plug and any Halloween decorations that are powered by electricity. Additionally, you can attach either your phone to a Bluetooth speaker or use your Sonos device. This combination will bring an entire spooky scene to life.

    • Thunder and lighting at the door

      Use your doorbell’s motion detector or button press to activate a spooky scene in your doorway. This Applet uses a Sonos smart speaker and a smart light bulb as the actions.

      If someone rings the doorbell, this Applet will blink the smart light and play a sound from your Sonos favorite list.

      Before go time, add thunder and lighting sound effects to your favorite list to create the full effect.

      You can add additional filter code to disable these Applets during the day so your mail person or dog walker isn’t scared to approach your entryway, or simply enable them on Halloween evening and turn them off once trick-or-treaters are done in your area.

      The Applet below has been created with a few different configurations. We have also included the filter code below in case you want to make it your own.

    • Explore

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