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New from Litter-Robot

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

New from Litter-Robot
  • Rejoice, cat lovers 😽!

    We are so excited to share the latest from our friends at Litter-Robot, the Wi-Fi enabled, self-cleaning litter box that you can connect to hundreds of other smart products, then monitor and control directly from your phone. Now, you can connect iRobot to Litter-Robot and automatically send your Roomba robot vacuum cleaner to tidy the litter box area after each Litter-Robot cycle. How cool is that? Stop worrying about stray litter and let your iRobot Roomba handle the cleaning for you.

    What’s even more exciting, is how easy it is to use. Check out what the Litter-Robot team had to say:

    Litter-Robot—the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box—and iRobot Roomba were a natural product pairing. With IFTTT Connections, cat parents can start their Roomba after each Litter-Robot cycle to keep their floors litter-free. We decided to embed this connection in an email campaign so that all Litter-Robot customers could see how easy it is to have a cleaner home.

    That’s right! If you’re already a Litter-Robot user, you likely saw this awesome new feature in an email earlier this week. Missed it? Look for it on or in the IFTTT mobile apps.

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