Spotlight: Applet editing

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

Spotlight: Applet editing
  • All IFTTT users can change out a trigger or action in an existing Applet, while Pro users can edit or add queries, filter code, or multiple actions. This post will focus on editing an Applet that you created in the past, but you can also customize any published Applet on IFTTT.

    Some of our most popular triggers on IFTTT are those from our Location service. Using this service, you can run an action every time you enter or exit a specific location and automate all sorts of things. A popular Applet is simply turning your lights on or off depending on your arrival or departure from home.

    While turning on your lights automatically can make your life easier, you may want to do more with this Applet. Until now, it’s been difficult to add other devices to an existing Applet.

    With Applet editing, you can go back to an existing location based Applet and add a new or existing device as an action or query. In the example below you can see how easy it is to add a second action. Here, I have a Roomba and want to make sure it’s docked when I get home.

    Editing GIF

    Docking a Roomba and turning on the lights are just two of my favorite actions. A user could send a text to a loved one, start some music, the list goes on!

    Now, it’s your turn. Check out your Applets and see which ones you want to edit today!

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