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Spotlight on Litter-Robot

By The IFTTT Team

October 01, 2022

Spotlight on Litter-Robot
  • If you’re a cat 😸 owner then you know that the joys of cuddling up with your feline family are sometimes offset by that least favorite of chore, cleaning the litter box 💩 With Litter-Robot, your technology does the heavy lifting (er, sifting) for you. This incredible machine automatically cleans itself after each use, depositing kitty waste into a special filtered container. But that’s just the start, you can turn this chore into something more convenient and - gasp! - even kinda fun when you connect Litter-Robot to your other smart home products.

    Want to save even more time on house cleaning? Connect your Roomba to your Litter-Robot: then, each time your cats do their business, Litter-Robot signals your Roomba to vacuum around the litter box. Saving time and keeping clean? Yes, please! 🙌

    For the more playful, connect your Litter-Robot to your Sonos speakers or your Philips Hue lights. Then, when kitty makes a deposit, play a special song or create a fun lighting change. Now, it’s not just a litter box, it’s also a mood-changer 🌈

    For those of you who want a truly unique celebration, connect Litter-Robot to your Domino’s, then automagically order a pizza every time Litter-Robot’s storage drawer is full to reward yourself with for a clean-up job well done! 🍕

    No matter what kind of cat owner you are, Litter-Robot is here to help save you time, keep you dancing, and enjoying more pizza with your precious 4-legged friends!