Spotlight: Multi-same action

By The IFTTT Team

May 09, 2024

Spotlight: Multi-same action
  • We recently added a feature we're calling multi-same action. It builds on the regular multi-action Pro feature allowing you to use the same action up to 5 times when creating an Applet.

    When you choose a different field value for each instance of the action, you can control multiple devices and make a single Applet even more powerful than before.

    Not sure where to start? See the LIFX example below.

    If you have multiple lightbulbs that you’d like to control, create an Applet and tie each lightbulb to an action in the Applet.

    With this Applet, each bulb will turn on as a result of a single trigger.

    Multi-same action screenshot

  • Create your own!

    When you've got an idea for an Applet that might use multi-same actions, roll up your sleeves and create it yourself. 🤓

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