Supercharge your productivity with Akiflow

By The IFTTT Team

November 02, 2023

Supercharge your productivity with Akiflow
  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to manage your tasks and stay productive throughout the day? With countless distractions and duties constantly piling up, having 24 hours in a day is just not enough. At this point, it’s not a surprise that productivity has become a huge struggle for many of us. Luckily, there are tools and solutions that can help us stay focused, organized, and on top of our game. The tool we will be discussing in this blog is Akiflow, an all-in-one platform designed to help us individuals become more organized and productive so businesses can manage their operations more effectively.


    Akiflow is a cloud-based software that helps users automate and streamline their workflow processes. It allows users to gather tasks from various platforms and consolidate them into one view, making it easier to plan, edit, and manage tasks and schedules. It includes an extensive list of features that helps users streamline their operations and improve efficiencies, but a powerful feature that Akiflow has is integrations, giving users the ability to integrate different services to Akiflow.


    An integration tool that can connect with Akiflow is IFTTT, allowing you to create automated workflows with 800+ different web services. Using Akiflow with IFTTT opens up the opportunity for users to set up a personalized system on how they want to manage their tasks in one centralized space like adding new notes, emails, and messages from various platforms as Akiflow tasks. These two tools can work together to create a seamless automation process that can help enhance the simplicity of task management. Let’s take a look at 3 automations that can supercharge your productivity with Akiflow!

  • Add existing reminders and to-dos to Akiflow

    It is likely that you have reminders and tasks scattered around on multiple platforms, which can make it a challenge to manage your time, tasks, and projects. For example, an important idea that comes across your mind while you’re not at a workspace and you quickly jot it down into your notes so you can come back to it later. As you have a meeting with your team the next day, you completely forget about it because it wasn’t on your main tasklist. Well, you no longer have to be in these types of situations with IFTTT’s Akiflow integrations, where users have the ability to add iOS Reminders, and new TickTick tasks to Akiflow as tasks.

  • Turn chats into actionable tasks

    Communicating with colleagues and team members is an important aspect of any business, as it builds a foundation for meaningful relationships and effective decision-making processes. However, managing all our chats can sometimes be overwhelming, leading to missed deadlines, and forgotten tasks. So, what if we tell you that you can sync your chats to Akiflow to tackle this problem? With IFTTT, you can centralize your communications to ensure a more efficient and organized workflow by syncing your messages from Telegram, Discord, and Fiverr to Akiflow. By turning your chats into actionable tasks, you can ensure that no task falls through the cracks and that you and your team stays on top of their responsibilities.

  • Save your favorite content in Akiflow for later

    It can be hard to keep up with your favorite content due to work or sometimes life just gets in the way, but it gets even more tough when you’re someone who relies on multiple platforms for your source of entertainment. Another problem is that with the amount of content on the internet, it can be challenging to keep track of everything we want to read or consume. If you’re already using Akiflow for managing your tasks and staying organized, why not streamline your entertainment? With IFTTT, you can add new Youtube videos and saved Spotify episodes to Akiflow as tasks.

  • Upgrade how you use Akiflow with IFTTT

    By connecting Akiflow with IFTTT, you'll find that your individual routine and business team operations will be more productive and efficient than ever before. Whether you are looking to automate routine tasks, generate reports, or collaborate more effectively with your team, we have the tools you need. Create your own Applets on IFTTT so you can start catering to your needs and preferences from your workspace to your everyday life! Ready to make some Applets?

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