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Take the #EnergyChallenge

By The IFTTT Team

April 19, 2022

  • We’re excited to tell you about an initiative that we are launching today called the #EnergyChallenge. IFTTT has joined forces with some well-known tech YouTubers to create a year-long challenge, that asks the community to connect their devices, in ways that save energy, money and the environment.

    Smart devices by themselves are powerful but connecting them can be even more impactful. Simple automations like connecting your lights to a motion detector can drastically reduce energy consumption and save hundreds of dollars per year.

    To learn more, visit the #EnergyChallenge site which includes resources on automations, videos from participants, and a counter that records our community’s total savings. Once you’ve created your own automation you can also submit it here for a chance to win a prize or have your idea featured.


    We’re hoping that with the help of IFTTT users, and the broader tech community, we will increase the dollars-saved number dramatically in the coming months.

    Thank you and take the challenge!

    Linden Tibbets - Founder and CEO