Automate for Earth Day 2024

By The IFTTT Team

March 05, 2024

Automate for Earth Day 2024
  • Happy Earth Day. We’re excited to share with you videos of the best Earth Day Applets from across the IFTTT community. Automations were submitted from the IFTTT Earth Day Challenge, our Earth Day Hackathon, and our community team.

    Start creating your own Applets today to benefit the environment!

    Por Greta

    The winner of our IFTTT Earth Day Hackathon 2021, this Applet encourages you to drive less, plant trees, and tell your friends how much carbon you’ve offset. Services connected include Strava, Google Sheets and MoreTrees.

    Mark's Top 3

    Mark created 3 useful Applets for Earth Day that combine services like MoreTrees, Octopus Energy, and Tado to conserve energy and save money.


    Our runner-up Hackathon Applet is triggered when you complete a trip with poor fuel economy. It then checks the price of crude oil to calculate the number of trees needed to offset your trip's carbon footprint. Services include Bouncie, Finance, and MoreTrees.

    Andy's 3 Applets

    Andy offers us 3 simple ideas to help save the planet. Services he connects include RSS Feed, Location, LIFX, and Mail.

    Ben's green commute

    Ben shows us how to create an Applet that automatically plants a tree every time that he drives to the golf course. Services include Location and MoreTrees.

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