Best of 2021 roundup

By The IFTTT Team

April 05, 2022

Best of 2021 roundup
  • It's been quite the year. Let's dive in to the best and most popular Applets, services, and devices on IFTTT.

    End of 2021 collections

    Top Applets of 2021

    We are rounding up the most popular Applets of the year. Take a look and see if your favorite Applet made the list, or get inspired to enable a new one today.

    Top services of 2021

    IFTTT has options for home, lifestyle, and productivity automation that can be catered to almost any scenario. You can create custom notifications based on smart home technology when you’re not home, or change the temperature in your home based on the weather outside.

    Top blogs of 2021

    A round up of our most popular articles, blogs, and Applet collections of the year.

    Best smart appliances of 2021

    We love to help every thing work better together, from the apps on your phone to the appliances in your home. Smart appliances range from smaller coffee machines and slowcookers to large ovens and refrigerators. Whether you are looking to get a reminder to buy more wine when you use your wine cooler or have your oven begin to preheat when you get home, you can do it all automatically with the appliances below.

    Best robot vacuums of 2021

    Robot vacuums are easy to use, can be integrated with the other smart technology in your home, and are a great way to save yourself time every day. Additionally, they make great gifts and are extremely popular devices around the holiday season.

    Best apps of 2021

    We have somehow made it to the end of the year two thousand and twenty one, which is a perfect time to take a look at the apps you are using on a regular basis. On the one hand, you can take a moment to Marie Kondo your phone screen and delete any of the apps that don’t spark joy, or re-organize them in different folders.

    It is also a great time to take a look at some of the best apps of the year and consider the ways you can get more organized, increase productivity, and keep yourself safe as we step into a new year.

    Best Creator videos of 2021

    Each month we compile a list of the top Creator videos from across YouTube. Here are the best videos to get you started with Applet creation and exploring all of the neat things you can connect using IFTTT.

    Here are some of our favorite videos of the year!

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    These popular Applets, services, and devices are only the beginning. Explore what you can do with the services and Applets that are available on IFTTT.