Best podcast apps for 2024

By The IFTTT Team

November 21, 2023

  • Today, it seems like everyone has a podcast, from celebrities to your next-door neighbor. Podcasts are a great way to stay informed, learn new things, and keep entertained during a long commute or while doing chores. Whether you're interested in entertainment, education, or just want something to listen to while you go about your day, there's something out there for just about everyone.

    But with so many options available, it can be tough to keep track of them. That’s where podcast apps come in. They help you discover new shows, manage your subscriptions, and listen to content whenever and wherever you want. Then there comes the question of which podcast app is best. Luckily, you came to the right place because we've put together a comprehensive guide to the best podcast apps for 2023, so you can spend less time searching and more time listening.

    We will also show you the endless possibilities of enhancing your podcast listening experience with IFTTT, an automation service that lets you connect over 800 different services including Youtube, Facebook, Google Assistant, and more. We have over 45 podcasts services that will bring you a personalized and streamlined podcast experience. For example, you can get notified of new podcast episodes of the “Consider This” or “TED Radio Hour” podcast as Google Tasks.

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    Here's a few of our podcast services:

  • Table of Contents

    • Spotify
    • Apple Podcasts
    • Pocket Casts
    • Google Podcasts
    • Upgrade your Podcast listening experience with IFTTT
  • Spotify


    Spotify is not just for music, but also a great podcast app. It offers a seamless experience between music and podcasts, making it easy to switch between the two. The app offers a vast selection of podcasts on various topics, both equipment and news-wise. Whether you’re interested in true crime, politics, comedy, or even astrology, there’s a podcast for you. You can also create playlists with both music and podcast episodes, which makes it a great all-in-one app for all your audio needs.

    Additionally, Spotify is known for its personalized recommendations. Based on the podcasts you listen to, Spotify will suggest other podcasts that it thinks you might enjoy. This is a great feature for those who are new to podcasts or aren’t sure where to start. By listening to recommended podcasts, you can discover new hosts and topics that you might not have otherwise found.

    Spotify also offers great extensive features that give users a personalized experience. For example, Spotify has podcasts for every mood, whether you're looking for something serious or light-hearted. Whatever mood you're in, there's a podcast on Spotify to match it. Spotify


    One of the most appealing aspects of podcasts on Spotify is that they’re free to use. Unlike some other podcast platforms, you don’t need to pay a subscription fee or listen to ads in order to access most podcasts on Spotify. Of course, some podcasts may have content that’s only available to paid subscribers or have sponsor ads, but in general, Spotify’s podcast library is accessible to everyone.

    A feature that stands Spotify out from most platforms is the ability to integrate with IFTTT. By connecting Spotify and IFTTT, you can streamline and enhance your listening journey by customizing your experience to fit your specific needs and preferences.

    Here are some of our most popular Spotify integrations:

  • Apple Podcasts


    Apple Podcasts is undoubtedly one of the most popular podcast apps around. It’s easy to use and comes pre-installed on iOS devices. With Apple Podcasts and their huge collection of podcasts, you can discover new ones based on categories, search for specific episodes, and subscribe to your favorites. For example, the “Top Charts” section highlights the most popular podcasts, while the “New & Noteworthy” section showcases the latest and most talked-about podcasts. It also has a feature that syncs your listening progress between your devices, so you can seamlessly continue where you left off.

    One of the most significant benefits of using Apple Podcasts is that the app allows you to create a playlist of your favorite podcasts and episodes. So, whether you're on a long drive or cleaning the house, you can enjoy your favorite podcasts without worrying about finding them amongst other podcasts. You can also set up automatic downloads of new episodes, which means you don't have to keep checking for new episodes.

    Apple Podcasts’ “Playback Settings” feature lets you customize several settings to improve your listening experience. For example, you can control the playback speed to increase or decrease the speed of the audio. You can also skip the silent parts, which helps to save time. Additionally, you can choose to play a continuous stream of episodes or select which episodes to play next on your queue.

  • Pocket Casts

    Pocket Casts

    Pocket Casts is a mobile podcast player available on both Android and iOS platforms and has consistently been a top choice for podcast listeners due to its many features and functions. It offers a sleek, intuitive interface with a range of features that make listening to podcasts enjoyable and efficient. The app's discovery features also make it simple to find and discover new shows while enabling subscription synchronization between devices.

    It offers an array of features that make podcast listening more interactive and engaging. The app has a discovery tab that recommends podcasts based on genre and popularity. It also has an episode trimmer that enables users to cut out portions of an episode they find uninteresting. Another notable feature is the playback queue, which allows users to create a playlist and customize the order in which episodes are played. Additionally, the app offers variable playback speed, allowing users to adjust the speed to suit their preferences.

    Pocket Casts has another unique feature in the form of smart playlists. Users can create custom playlists based on episode type, genre, or duration. This feature makes it easy for users to keep up with their favorite shows and always have something to listen to. Smart playlists update automatically, depending on the parameters set by the user. This feature saves time and improves organization, making it easier to manage podcast subscriptions.


    Pocket Casts offers both a free and a paid version of their app. The free version includes basic features such as the ability to search, browse, and listen to podcasts, as well as access to a limited selection of exclusive channels. However, there are limitations to the free version.

    Let’s go over the paid versions:

    Plus Plan ($3.99/month): In addition to what is already included in the free version, the Plus Plan gives users the ability to use desktop and web apps, Apple Watch & Wear OS apps, folders and bookmarks, 20GB cloud storage, and extra themes and icons.

    Patron Plan ($9.99/month): The Patron Plan includes everything in the Plus Plan, in addition to early access to features, 100GB cloud storage, supporters profile badge, and Special Pocket Casts app icons.

    Pocket Casts

  • Google Podcasts

    Google Podcast

    For Android users, Google Podcasts is a great app that comes pre-installed on most devices. However, it is also available on the App Store for iOS. One of the main benefits of using Google Podcasts is that it is entirely free. Unlike other podcast platforms, there are no subscription fees or hidden costs. You can access thousands of podcasts from around the world without having to pay a cent.

    Additionally, Google Podcasts is integrated with Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands to listen to your favorite podcasts without even having to touch your phone. You can take it a step further and connect your Google Assistant with IFTTT, enabling seamless compatibility with other services and smart devices. We have a bunch of Google Assistant integrations that you can create custom voice commands with:

  • Google Podcasts uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized recommendations based on your listening history. This means that the more you use the app, the better it gets at recommending podcasts that you will enjoy. Additionally, if you use other Google services like Google Search or Google Home, Google Podcasts will take into account your search history and use it to tailor its recommendations further.

  • Upgrade your podcast listening experience with IFTTT

    IFTTT is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you upgrade your podcast listening experience to new heights. By automating tasks like downloading new episodes, customizing recommendations and alerts, and integrating smart home devices, you can save time, enhance personalization, and streamline your podcast listening experience. So, what are you waiting for? Try out some of the Applets we’ve highlighted in this blog and see how they can transform the way you listen to podcasts. Join IFTTT today for free!

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