Best time tracking apps with IFTTT

By The IFTTT Team

February 13, 2023

Best time tracking apps with IFTTT
  • Do you find it hard to stay on top of your time management? There are so many demands on our time these days and it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is coming your way whether it is work meetings and deadlines or personal manners that may unexpectedly come up. If you’re looking for a way to better manage your time, luckily, we got you covered! We’ll take a look at the best time tracker apps on the market to help you stay organized and make the most of your day.

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    Table of Contents

    • Best Time Tracking App
    • Harvest
    • QualityTime
    • RescueTime

    Best Time Tracker App

    The time tracking apps featured in this blog post can easily be integrated with IFTTT, giving users the ability to automate their tasks for maximum efficiency as users can see where their time and effort is being spent and manage their schedules in ways that work best for them. IFTTT makes it easy to stay on top of deadlines and plan ahead, making it great for anyone who desires for an efficient workflow. These apps were selected based on favorable ratings and reviews from users.

    1. Harvest - time tracking app


    Harvest is a great tracking tool for businesses of all sizes as it offers a streamlined solution for time and expense tracking, letting businesses easily turn those tedious hours into organized data and create invoices with ease. Additionally, Harvest ensures that projects stay on track and within budget through critical project elements, such as budget, costs, and team availability.

    By integrating Harvest with IFTTT, it opens up a great extent of possibilities for automating your time tracking. For example, when you start a Harvest timer, automatically add a check-in and check-out entry in your Google Calendar. This helps users streamline their time tracking progress and save time through the reduction of data that is entered manually.

    Price: $0-$10.80 per month billed yearly or $12 per month

    Link to Harvest IFTTT Integrations:

    2. QualityTime - Time tracking app


    QualityTime is a fun and visually appealing app that provides users with real-time insights into their mobile app usage and the amount of time spent on specific apps. It allows users uncover their phone habits and usage patterns with ease through accessing their personal dashboard to view the breakdowns of their top apps consuming the most time and identify addictive apps based on one’s usage frequency.

    Integrating QualityTime with IFTTT offers a powerful solution to stay productive and connected to what is present in the moment. For example, you can use a recipe that will alert you to stop checking your phone after you have unlocked your phone for a set number of times, helping you reduce distractions.

    Price: Free

    Link to QualityTime IFTTT Integrations:

    3. RescueTime - Time tracking app


    RescueTime is a great option if you are looking to boost your productivity and take control of your time. This powerful time-tracking tool can help you see how you're spending your time, so you can make changes to improve your efficiency. It offers features, such as Focus Session, which will block out distracting sites to enhance focus and productivity.

    Using RescueTime with IFTTT creates an amazing tool to set productivity goals and empower yourself to reach them. For example, you can automatically disconnect yourself from a certain social media app if you spend too much time on it, which helps you focus on your work without distractions.

    Price: $6.50/month

    Link to RescueTime IFTTT Integrations:

    How to decide which time tracking app is best for you

    When choosing the best time tracker app for you, it is important to evaluate your specific needs and preferences. You can ask yourself the following questions:

    • What is your budget? How much are you willing to spend?
    • Is this for your personal use or professional use?
    • Will you be needing multiple people to join your platform?
    • What features are important to you (generating reports, tracking hours that are billable)?
    • Have you considered the interface of each app (easy to navigate and use)?
    • What device will you primarily be using to track your time?
    • Is the app accessible on mobile devices?
    • Is the app accessible across all devices (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.)?

    Best time tracking app for businesses

    Businesses need a time-tracking app to help them efficiently manage their employees, projects, and finances. By using an app to track time, businesses can increase their overall productivity, improve team collaboration, and prevent any overspending or underinvestment in resources. Time-tracking apps also provide businesses with detailed insights into how they are utilizing their workforce’s time and resources, helping them make data-driven decisions that ensure both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It also helps them get a better understanding of where their company stands by providing valuable metrics that track progress and measure the success of any given project. Additionally, these apps make it easier for businesses to keep track of employee attendance, so they can accurately plan out schedules and ensure that all tasks are completed on time. With such comprehensive functionality, a time tracking app is an invaluable asset for any business looking to stay organized and efficient.

    Automate Your Time Tracking with IFTTT

    There are a handful of time-tracking apps available for you to choose from, such as QualityTime, Harvest, and many more. These apps allow users to stay focused, productive, and efficient through the ability to analyze how time is being used and identify areas where improvements can be made. Additionally, many of these apps come with features that include team collaboration, project tracking, and task management, making it an all-in-one solution for time management and productivity. By integrating these apps with IFTTT, you can do more by doing less with automation and connecting your platform with other services, such as Day One, FitBit, Philips Hue, and Google Calendar. Automate your time-tracking app with IFTTT today to save more time!

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