How to use filter code

By The IFTTT Team

October 19, 2022

  • Our filter code editor just got better.

    More functional view

    Gone are the days of scrolling down to the bottom of the page to find the available ingredients and variables. We have moved the available service options to the right side of the screen! Simply hover and click on any option to copy it to your clipboard. Right-click and paste in the appropriate spot within your filter code editor to integrate it in your code.


    Easily copy & paste from the variable options


    New Code Generators

    Now you can create custom javascript without writing and code! Use our new code generators on the right side of the page. With those generators, you can run or skip actions between certain times and run or skip on a certain day. You can also check for a specific keyword and limit your action to run only when that keyword is present.


    New format code button

    Transform any code you’ve written into our editor into readable and organized code with the new Format code button!


    Autocomplete improvements

    When you’re writing Javascript code directly in the code editor, variables will automagically appear for you to choose from. Autocomplete includes additional information about the ingredient itself.

    At any time, you can hover over elements within your filter code editor screen to find out more about the type of ingredient and to even see examples.


    All thanks to you

    We have made these updates based on your suggestions. Our users are the heart of our product and we love building IFTTT to be more functional for anyone to use. Continue building with IFTTT and always feel welcome to suggest ideas for where you think the product should go!