New YouTube action: Upload video from URL

By The IFTTT Team

July 08, 2024

New YouTube action: Upload video from URL
  • We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new action on IFTTT: Upload Video from URL. This innovative feature is designed to simplify your content creation process by enabling you to publish videos or Shorts directly to your YouTube channel using a URL.

    Save time and improve your YouTube integration by adding this action into your existing IFTTT workflows to automate your content publishing and video creation flows.

    Note for existing IFTTT and YouTube users This new action requires you to reconnect to YouTube to manage your YouTube permissions. Click here to reconnect.

    How it works

    The Upload Video from URL action streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to download videos to your device before uploading them to YouTube. Here's how it works:

    Add the Upload Video from URL action to your Applet: Select an Applet that uses this action or make it yourself by selecting YouTube after the “Then That” option in the classic Applet creation flow. Provide the URL: Simply input the URL of the video you wish to upload as an ingredient within your Applet action.

    The action intelligently categorizes the video as a Short or a regular video based on its length and aspect ratio. This ensures your content is presented in the most engaging format for your audience. You also do not need to create separate Applets for Shorts or long form video. The videos will adjust and be shared in the appropriate style.

    When the action runs, your video is then uploaded directly to your YouTube channel, ready to reach your viewers without any additional steps. You will be able to edit your video’s caption after you post it if you have any changes to make.

    YouTube automations for content creators

    Efficiency and convenience are crucial in the fast-paced work of digital content. The Upload Video from URL action has exciting advantages for content creators, small business owners, and marketers. YouTubers and IFTTTers can enhance their workflows and reduce the time doing manual work to share your content across platforms.

    Try these YouTube Applets

  • Getting started

    1. Create an IFTTT account: Get started here or log in to your existing account.
    2. Connect your YouTube account: Ensure your YouTube account is connected to IFTTT.
    3. Create an Applet: Set up an applet using the Upload Video from URL action. Input the URL of the video you want to upload. ** Please note that if you are an existing IFTTT user with a YouTube service connected, you will need to re-connect to YouTube here to use this action.
    4. Customize: Add any additional details or conditions to your applet to tailor it to your specific needs.

    Embrace the future of effortless content management with IFTTT's new Upload Video from URL action. Start automating your YouTube uploads today and keep your channel active and engaging with streamlined workflow automation..

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