4 powerful marketing automation tools for small businesses

By The IFTTT Team

March 20, 2023

  • Automating processes is a great way to save time and resources for businesses of any size. Marketing automation tools are specialized solutions that enable companies to manage key marketing operations such as email campaigns, customer segmentation, lead scoring, and analytics tracking. These solutions help maximize efficiency and minimize costs by automating mundane tasks, providing personalized content to customers, and providing accurate data-driven insights.

    IFTTT is an industry leader in marketing automation tools, providing small businesses with the power to automate their marketing processes. With IFTTT's powerful suite of tools, readers can expect to learn how to set up automated campaigns, segment customers based on interests and behaviors, maximize ROI through data-driven analytics, and more. BTW IFTTT is free, so join today!

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    Table of Contents

    • What are the benefits of marketing automation?
    • Choosing the best marketing automation tool for you
    1. Mailchimp
    2. Salesforce
    3. Pipedrive
    4. Google Sheets & Gmail

    What are the benefits of marketing automation?

    Marketing is a complex and time-consuming task, especially when you consider all the data and analytics involved. Without marketing automation tools, businesses would find themselves overwhelmed trying to manually manage campaigns and analyze their results; but with modern marketing automation tools, businesses can automate processes and easily track the success of their campaigns.

    Using an automation tool can greatly increase productivity by allowing businesses to easily schedule campaigns and access data quickly. Automation tools also provide insights about customer behavior and help businesses refine their marketing strategies for maximum efficiency.

    Choosing the best marketing automation tool for you

    1. Mailchimp

    Pricing: $20-$955/Month depending on your email list size.

    Mailchimp is a small business email marketing and customer relationship management tool. They have also introduced a full marketing campaign functionality within their tool as well, so you can run Facebook and Instagram ads from the platform. Mailchimp has different pricing structures so it can grow with you as you grow.

    MailChimp is a popular email automation platform used by many small businesses today. It includes features such as segmentation, automated emails, A/B testing capabilities, analytics reporting, and more. With its easy-to-use interface and drag-and-drop editor, MailChimp makes it easy to create personalized email campaigns tailored to specific customer segments.

    Example: Make the most out of Mailchimp by automating your lead generation actions with IFTTT. When someone fills out a Google Form, Typeform, or Facebook Lead Gen Ad, save that user into your Mailchimp CRM.


    Mailchimp is perfect for small businesses with team sizes of 1-100. It has all the functionality you need without all of the extra fluff. You can build a website inside of it and manage your entire marketing system.


    If you are a larger organization, Mailchimp may not have all of the features you're looking for. I would suggest larger companies look into Salesforce to support their marketing automation efforts.

  • 2. Salesforce

    __Pricing: For small businesses, the Salesforce marketing platform can cost anywhere from $25-75 per month and for larger small businesses, $1250 per month. __

    Salesforce is the original B2B marketing automation tool. It's used by hundreds of thousands of companies internationally and has a huge developer community continuing to build on the platform. It's a great tool for sales-heavy small businesses to record and build a relationship with their customers.

    Example: Make the most out of Salesforce by automating your lead generation actions with IFTTT. When someone fills out a Google Form, Typeform, or Facebook Lead Gen Ad, save that user into your Salesforce CRM.


    Salesforce is perfect for small businesses to create extremely custom marketing automation flows and sales dashboards. It can be tweaked for every business's individualized use case.


    Since it is highly customizable, it's better suited for larger more enterprise-level businesses. Though they have a small business product, it is easier for small businesses to use a tool without that many features.

  • 3. Pipedrive

    Pricing:$14.90 - $99 per month

    Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM and marketing automation tool designed for sales teams. It lets you add new leads and move those leads through a customized sales pipeline. It's more affordable than Mailchimp and Salesforce, but it's email services are lacking compared to the two previous tools.

    Example: Make the most out of Pipedrive by automating your lead generation actions with IFTTT. When someone fills out a Google Form, Typeform, or Facebook Lead Gen Ad, save that user into your Pipedrive CRM.


    Pipedrive is designed specifically for small sales teams to track and collaborate on a small business's sales efforts. It does this extremely well and is extremely easy to set up and start using on day one.


    Since it's focused on its uses and audience, it isn't really designed for large sales teams or small businesses without a long sales funnel. That isn't necessarily a con rather than just a fact.

  • 4. Google Sheets & Gmail & IFTTT

    Pricing: FREE

    Google Sheets and Gmail are free tools and great for any small business starting out. You can create a customized marketing automation flow with IFTTT that follows up with personal emails over the course of a couple of weeks to help convert your leads into customers.


    The primary pro to using these tools as your marketing automation tool and CRM is it's free! It doesn't have all the functionality the other tools have, but you are also not paying for it. Another pro is it can be more simple and easy to use than customizing a full email drip campaign with other marketing automation tools.

    __Con: __

    A con is it is simple and limited. Since it is free you don't get all of the customizations and upgraded features the other marketing automation tools have.

    Automate your business with IFTTT

    IFTTT is an automation platform that allows users to connect different web services and apps together. It stands for “If This Then That” and works by creating “Applets” which are small programs that specify actions based on triggers from one service to another. IFTTT's easy-to-use interface makes it easy to link services such as Gmail, Mailchimp, Salesforce and Pipedrive. With IFTTT users can automatically add new leads into their CRM or trigger marketing emails when a customer makes an action on a website. IFTTT is free to join, so sign up today!

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