How to build a YouTube audience quick in 2024

By The IFTTT Team

December 19, 2023

  • Building a YouTube channel is not an easy endeavor, but for those who succeed, the challenge can result in a loyal fanbase, endless revenue, and notoriety throughout the world. The biggest YouTubers, such as PewDiePie and MrBeast, have become household names in the same way that celebrities and sports stars have.

    To gain YouTube subscribers and amass this level of fame, it takes dedication month after month, a solid content plan, and frankly, some luck. If you are reading this, you may be wondering how to grow your YouTube channel to these heights, or possibly how to get started on YouTube for the first time. Fortunately, there are over 2 billion monthly YouTube viewers for you to get your share of; all it takes is some guidance.

    In this article, we'll discuss the best strategies for building a YouTube audience and achieving success on the platform. We'll finish by introducing IFTTT, our free automation platform that has been helping creators build their YouTube empires.

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    Why building a YouTube Audience is important


    First order of business, why should I even care about building a YouTube audience? What if I try and shoot for a single viral video? As many of you may know, YouTubers with a loyal fanbase tend to be the most successful by far, as the rate of returning viewers for each new video is much higher.

    Before we dive into strategies, let's cover a few additional reasons why gaining more subscribers on YouTube is so important:

    Monetization opportunities

    One of the main reasons people create YouTube channels is to make money. And with a large and engaged audience, you can monetize your channel through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

    However, to be eligible for monetization, you need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. So, building a loyal audience is essential for reaching this milestone and earning money from your content.

    Brand partnerships

    Brands are always looking for ways to reach their target audience, and YouTube is a popular platform for influencer marketing. With a large and engaged audience, you can attract brand partnerships and collaborations, which can bring in additional income and exposure for your channel.

    Community and impact

    Building a YouTube audience also allows you to create a community of like-minded individuals who share your interests and values. This can lead to meaningful connections and even make a positive impact on people's lives through your content.

    Strategies for building a YouTube Audience


    Now that we understand the importance of building a YouTube audience, let's discuss the best strategies for achieving this goal.

    1. Create high-quality content

    The first and most crucial step in building a YouTube audience is creating high-quality content. Your content should be engaging, informative, and visually appealing to keep viewers interested and coming back for more.

    Make sure to invest in good equipment, such as a high-quality camera and microphone, to improve the production value of your videos. You should also focus on creating content that is unique and stands out from what others are doing on the platform.

    2. Optimize your videos for SEO

    Just like with any other content, SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for gaining visibility on YouTube. By optimizing your videos for SEO, you can increase your chances of appearing in search results and recommended videos.

    Some key elements to focus on for SEO include your video title, description, and tags. Make sure to use relevant keywords and phrases that your target audience is searching for to improve your chances of being discovered.

    3. Collaborate with other YouTubers

    Collaborating with other YouTubers is an excellent way to reach a new audience and gain exposure for your channel. Look for creators in your niche or with a similar audience and reach out to them for potential collaborations.

    You can collaborate on a video together, do a shoutout for each other's channels, or even create a series of videos together. This not only helps you reach a new audience but also allows you to learn from other creators and improve your content.

    4. Engage with your audience

    Building a loyal audience requires engagement and interaction with your viewers. Respond to comments, ask for feedback, and create polls or Q&A videos to involve your audience in your content.

    You can also engage with your audience through social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Share behind-the-scenes content, and teasers for upcoming videos, and interact with your followers to build a strong community.

    5. Consistency is key

    Consistency is crucial for building a YouTube audience. Your viewers should know when to expect new content from you, so make sure to stick to a consistent schedule.

    This not only helps you build a loyal audience but also improves your chances of appearing in recommended videos. YouTube's algorithm favors channels that upload consistently, so make sure to stick to a schedule that works for you.

    6. Promote your channel

    Don't be afraid to promote your channel and content on other platforms. Share your videos on social media, collaborate with bloggers or influencers, and even run ads to reach a new audience.

    You can also promote your channel through collaborations with other brands or by attending events and conferences related to your niche. The more exposure you get, the more chances you have of gaining subscribers and building a successful YouTube channel.

    Real-World examples of successful YouTube Channels

    Let's take a look at some real-world examples of successful YouTube channels and how they built their audience.


    R1363 MrBeast 1feature

    MrBeast is a popular YouTube channel known for its entertaining and often outrageous content. The channel has over 60 million subscribers and is one of the most successful channels on the platform.

    MrBeast's success can be attributed to his unique and engaging content, consistent upload schedule, and collaborations with other popular YouTubers. He also promotes his channel through social media and has even run ads to reach a wider audience.

    Safiya Nygaard

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    Safiya Nygaard is a former Buzzfeed employee who left the company to start her own YouTube channel. Her channel has over 9 million subscribers and is known for its fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content.

    Safiya's success can be attributed to her engaging personality, high-quality content, and collaborations with other YouTubers. She also promotes her channel through social media and has even released her own merchandise, which has helped her build a loyal audience.

    Casey Neistat


    Casey gained widespread recognition through his genuine daily vlogs that showcased his life, adventures, and experiences. His focus on high-quality cinematography and storytelling set his content apart.

    Casey's commitment to daily vlogging created a routine for his audience, making them anticipate and look forward to his videos regularly. He shared both successes and challenges, creating a genuine connection with viewers.

    Beyond YouTube, Casey's ventures and projects, such as Beme and 368, provided additional content and showcased his entrepreneurial spirit.

    How to gain subscribers on YouTube with IFTTT

    IFTTT (If This Then That) is our free automation tool that allows you to create connections between over 800 of your favorite web services. This includes YouTube, which means that you can use IFTTT to improve and automate YouTube, both for a better viewing experience and a more streamlined channel-building journey.

    For example, IFTTT can automatically add a tag to your videos when they reach a certain number of views or likes. It can also be used to send email notifications when your channel has been mentioned in a comment or video. By using IFTTT, you can stay on top of your YouTube data and make sure that you’re delivering the best possible content to your viewers.

    Read on to hear more about our mission and our top picks for YouTube automations.

    What is IFTTT?

    IFTTT is our free web-based service and mobile app designed to boost productivity by automating tasks. It works by creating connections between popular apps and services, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

    The basic idea behind IFTTT is to create "applets" or sets of instructions that trigger when certain conditions are met. This can be turning on the lights automatically when you enter your house, for example.

    Founded in 2011, IFTTT has been used by over 25 million individuals to automate both business and home tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency. It's commonly used to connect disparate services and systems, making all products and services work well together in a way that instills user confidence. Best of all, it's free and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

    Top YouTube Applets with IFTTT

    Screenshot 2023-12-02 184011

    Add songs from videos you like to a Spotify playlist

    This Applet will search the title of the video on Spotify — if it finds the track, it'll add it to a "YouTube" playlist. Not all songs on YouTube are available on Spotify, but many are. Happy tune hunting!

    Automatically share your new videos to a Facebook Page

    Keep your communities in sync with this easy-to-use Applet — when you upload a new public video the link will be posted on your Facebook Page.

    Publish your new videos as Wordpress posts

    Grow your audience by cross-posting your videos automatically — this Applet will grab the embed code and post it on WordPress. The title of the blog will be the title of the video.

    Receive a notification when someone you're subscribed to uploads a new video

    Never miss an upload by all of your favorite creators! This Applet will send out a notification if someone you are following posts a video.

    To enable these Applets and millions more, try IFTTT today for free!

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