Gift guide: For the hobbyist and DIY lover 2024

By The IFTTT Team

March 05, 2024

Gift guide: For the hobbyist and DIY lover 2024
  • The tinkerer in your life always has a project (or five) on the go, is subscribed to every YouTube channel that offers at-home building activities, and probably has a workbench scattered with different pieces. What do they want this holiday season? Give the hobbyist on your list the gift of exploring a new activity with these products that are perfect for anyone passionate about learning new skills or taking things apart.

    Project person

    The ability to customize something using technology is powerful. Not only does it give someone the chance to learn skills in an emerging field, it expands the abilities of any system. Your tinkerer can upgrade an existing project or design by adding new features and electronic elements, or they could start something new.

    Check out some of our favorite gifts for this season, including devices from Littlebits, Mesh, and EveryKit.


    Adafruit was founded by MIT engineer, Limor “Ladyada” Fried. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products for makers of all ages and skill levels. The site is a great place to get items like Arduino or Raspberry Pi elements to use for projects.

  • Buttons

    You might be thinking: a button? Consider these as keys to bringing projects to life and giving your giftee the access to different data points. Devices such as the Wemo Light Switch or FetchitGO are great, customizable options.


    Knocki turns any surface into a remote control with custom touch triggers and integrations that make it possible to manage your whole home.


    The powerful Flic smart buttons can be used to augment almost anything in your home, from beginning a wind down routine in the evening to triggering a specific scene before you start to game. How your friend or family member uses it is up to them.

  • Customizable lighting

    Create a dedicated space for someone to do what they love, with optimized lighting and customizable settings that can help them make it unique to their taste.

    Check out our complete lighting gift suggestions in our GIFTTT guide for new homeowners.


    Nanoleaf Light Panels and Shapes can be configured, personalized, and integrated to suit a any space.


    Moonside lights and lamps are beautiful and unique pieces that can add fun flair to a workspace or room.

  • Combining smart home devices and brands

    With over 700 services available on IFTTT, you no longer need to worry about the potential incompatibility of smart devices across brands. We make it quick and easy to integrate devices and create automations that fit anyone’s lifestyle or routines.