Gift guide: For the new home owner 2024

By The IFTTT Team

March 05, 2024

Gift guide: For the new home owner 2024
  • New home owners have a lot to celebrate this holiday season, so get them something they want that can elevate their fresh space.

    Gifting your friends or family smart devices gives them the ability to customize their home to meet their lifestyle as well as opportunities to optimize their place for eco-efficiency. You may have a smart device or company that you have enjoyed using in the past, or base your choice off something you know they love. We also have great GIFTTT guides for aspiring morning people, hobbyists, and fitness enthusiasts.

    Smart plugs and light bulbs

    Smart plugs quickly and effectively upgrade existing devices and items in someone’s home. Their favorite lamp just got way better because they can be used to receive alerts or notifications, as an alarm, or just with optimal settings for various moods.

    Any or all of these smart lighting companies have incredible products with great functionality and the ability to make it all your own. Check them out to see which one is the best fit for the new home owner in your life.

    Philips Hue

    Philips Hue lightbulbs come in color and white versions that give you the ability to choose from millions of scenes and settings. Additionally, these bulbs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles.


    LIFX is a multi-color smart WiFi-enabled LED lightbulb, giving you the ability to choose from custom scenes and create routines that suit your life. Additionally, LIFX Clean is the only smart light in the world that provides timed and scheduled disinfection of objects in your home with scientifically proven HEV lighting.


    For simple set up and integration options, Wyze smart bulbs provide color and white LED options.

    Check out some of our favorite ways to upgrade your holiday decorations here or explore our deep dive on smart plugs here.

    Smart appliances

    For a more generous gift, smart appliances are the gift that keeps on giving. The functionality and modern appearance of the appliances are attractive, but you will be providing continued savings to the homeowner (and the Earth) due to the eco-efficiency of these products. If that isn't enough, the ability to remotely control the appliances and automate their functionality is a huge bonus.

    Take a look at our complete guide to integrations over the holidays with Home Connect here.

    GE Appliances

    The WiFi-connected line of appliances by GE includes ovens, dishwashers, washers, and window AC. Preheat the oven when you walk into your home or get a custom notification when your wash cycle is completed.

    Home Connect

    Home Connect works with hundreds of appliances so you can manage them in one convenient place while also connecting them to your smart home using powerful integrations. From Home Connect washers to the Home Connect wine cooler and coffee machine, the possibilities are endless. Plus, who doesn't have a wine cooler on their holiday wish list?

    Smart switches and button pressers

    A button presser? Yup.

    Smart switches can be added to the wall or a button presser could be used to accomplish many of the same tasks. Again, a big focus here is that you are adding to the devices and items that the new home owner already owns. A smart button presser could turn on a coffee machine in the morning even if the coffee machine was manufactured more than ten years ago. If the appliance has a button, a small robot who loves to press buttons can help upgrade it and automate the tasks it is doing.

    Smart switches are easy to install and can be used to control so much more than lights. Temperature settings, fans, shades, and even home security can be automated with a switch. For switches, check out WeMo Light Switch or VeSync switches.


    Knocki turns any surface into a remote control with custom touch triggers and integrations that make it possible to manage your whole home.


    These helpful SwitchBot button pressers are easy to install and allow home owners to upgrade nearly any appliance or switch in their home. SwitchBots can automate a morning cup of coffee, turn on lights when you get home, or turn on a fan if it gets too warm in your house.

    Home security

    Smart home security systems, alarms, and detectors are great gifts for new home owners, but can also help you rest easy at night knowing your loved ones are safe and sound.

    With so many options on the market, consider ones that integrate with the other smart devices they have in their home. Check out Wyze, Arlo and the other great security services available on our platform.


    Airthings' air quality devices help home owners understand what’s in the air they breathe with the world's leading radon and indoor air quality monitors.


    Netamo home security devices include cameras, sirens, and sensors for a home to help give home owners peace of mind.

    Smart home hubs

    A smart home hub is perfect the new home owner in your life already has some smart devices but no way to centrally connect them. This allows them to have more flexibility in the products they choose and how they integrate their devices in their new space.


    HomeSeer smart home hubs feature locally managed automation for speed, reliability, security & privacy.

    Combining smart home devices and brands

    With over 700 services available on IFTTT, you no longer need to worry about the potential incompatibility of smart devices across brands. We make it quick and easy to integrate devices and create automations that fit anyone’s lifestyle or routines.