How to generate real estate leads

By The IFTTT Team

February 19, 2024

How to generate real estate leads
  • Real estate agents must be able to generate leads in order to succeed in their careers. Generating leads involves more than just luck, it requires a comprehensive plan for building relationships, leveraging technology, and delivering value to your clients. In this blog, we'll discuss how real estate agents can develop an effective lead-generation strategy that can help them close more deals and grow their businesses.

    Once you capture a lead, their contact information needs to be housed somewhere. That's where a CRM (customer relationship management) tool comes in! You want to add that contact information to the tool so you can send them automated emails, track where they are in their buying cycle, or just be able to reconnect with them at a later date. At IFTTT, we integrate with dozens of CRMs and we make it easy to add your new lead's contact information to them. IFTTT is free to join, so join today!

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    What is lead generation?

    Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your real estate business. It involves leveraging marketing techniques and networks in order to find and nurture leads that then become potential buyers & sellers. Lead generation is important for a real estate business because it allows agents to build an audience, create relationships with potential buyers/sellers, and increase their chances of closing deals. By engaging in effective lead-generation practices, agents can build trust with clients, develop their brand, and make sure that their services are being seen by the right people. With the help of IFTTT’s integrations, agents can automate their lead-generation efforts so that they can focus on creating quality content that resonates with potential customers.

    Real estate lead generation strategies

    Lead generation is important, we know that. As a real estate agent, if you have an email list or spreadsheet with hundreds of potential clients, you are that much closer to building a strong and sustainable real estate business.

    How to generate those leads is up to you and how you feel is best for your personal market and individual strengths. Below we'll highlight some lead generation strategies we believe work for every real estate agent in every market.

    Develop a personal brand


    First and foremost, agents should focus on developing their own brand. Every aspect of an agent's persona should be considered a reflection of his or her brand. This includes marketing materials such as business cards, websites, and social media and how the agent presents themselves to potential clients. It's important for agents to create a strong personal brand that stands out from the competition and makes prospective clients want to do business with them. Developing a personal brand means differentiating yourself.

    How to differentiate yourself from other real estate agents in your area

    Differentiating yourself from the competition is essential. By standing out in a crowded market, you can capture more attention and create opportunities to connect with potential clients. There are many ways to differentiate yourself, You could be "the fastest closing agent in the market" or "Sells homes for 10% more than the average" or "Sells most homes in 'a specific neighborhood." Once you start differentiating yourself and your brand, you will start generating leads for that specific real estate niche.

    Develop local connections & strategic partnerships

    Agents should also invest time connecting with local businesses and developing strategic partnerships. Networking is one of the most powerful ways to generate leads since it allows an agent to tap into new client markets without having to spend money on advertising or marketing campaigns. Agents can reach out to local businesses in their area by attending local chamber meetings, joining local networking groups, or offering free consultations or services in exchange for referrals from these organizations. Some great coworking groups you can be a part of are the local Chamber, local country club, rotary club, or even churches. By integrating yourself into these communities, you have an active audience to share your services with!

    Build a social media audience


    Another excellent way for agents to keep in touch with current and prospective clients is through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This gives agents access to millions of potential customers and allows them to show off their personality, engage with followers and provide valuable content related to real estate topics that will keep people interested and potentially lead to sales conversions.

    Every real estate agent either shares new listings with their social media audience or shows pictures of recently sold homes to their social media audience. The next step in developing quality content is sharing short-form videos highlighting the unique stuff happing in your local real estate market. For example, talk about the local mortgage rates or housing supply. By providing value to your audience, you are keeping them more engaged and making you appear as a thought leader in your market for real estate.

    Automate your lead generation

    Finally, agents must become familiar with automation tools such as IFTTT (If This Then That). These tools allow agents to automate various aspects of lead generation such as scheduling meetings with leads, sending out automated emails when new listings go live or when open house dates are announced etc., so that they can spend more time on tasks that require more attention like closing deals or meeting with clients face-to-face rather than spending all day answering emails or dealing with administrative tasks associated with lead generation.

    In conclusion, if real estate agents want success in their field they need an effective plan for generating leads which involves creating a strong brand identity through marketing materials and online profiles; establishing connections within their local community; leveraging social media networks; and taking advantage of automation tools such as IFTTT so that they can streamline the process of generating leads while still providing high-quality customer service every step of the way. This comprehensive approach towards lead generation ensures that no stone goes unturned so that agents are best equipped for success in this competitive industry.

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