How to show you are watching Youtube on Discord

By The IFTTT Team

November 18, 2022

  • Show your friends what YouTube video you are currently viewing by displaying the custom status on your Discord profile.

    It’s simple and it also works with Netflix, SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube Music.

    Let’s get started:

    • Download the PreMiD extension at the Chrome Web Store
    • Install the extension
    • Add the extension to your Chrome browser
    • Click on the Chrome Extensions icon to pin PreMiD
    • Go to YouTube and select the pinned PreMiD extension
    • Toggle the YouTube Presence slider to the on position

    Now every time you watch YouTube videos the title of the video will automatically display on your Discord user profile. Note to stop sharing select the PreMiD extension again and toggle the Presence slider to the off position As noted above you can also display titles from SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube Music. IFTTT is a tool that lets you connect SoundCloud, Twitter, Youtube, Discord and Spotify together in some really cool ways!

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    Join YouTube Watch Party on Discord

    Another way to share what you are watching on YouTube is to join or create a Youtube Watch Party. With this feature, up to 10 people can watch the same video at the same time and chat together in real-time.

    To create a Watch Party you need to have Discord installed on your device. Then follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Discord server in which you want to host the party
    2. Click on Add Video
    3. Paste or search for a YouTube link of your choice
    4. Invite friends by adding their usernames, shared links or any other method
    5. Start watching!

    And that’s it! Now all of your Discord friends will be able to watch the same video with you and discuss it in real time.

    There are a lot of possibilities for creating unique viewing experiences on Discord. Just get creative and have fun! Have fun sharing what you are watching on YouTube with your friends using these tips. Enjoy!

    Automate YouTube and Discord with IFTTT

    There’s so many ways you can automate YouTube and Discord using IFTTT. For example, you can automatically message Discord every time you post a new YouTube video or like a certain video.

    To start automating your discord and YouTube, create an IFTTT account and connect it with both services. Then choose the trigger (for example “when you upload a new video”) and the desired action (for example “send a message in Discord”).

    Once set up, every time you post or like a certain video, IFTTT will automatically send out the corresponding message in your Discord channel. It’s simple, fast and efficient! Experiment with different triggers and actions to find other cool ways to automate your YouTube and Discord experience.

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    Will I see ads while watching YouTube videos on Discord?

    Yes, you will still see ads when you watch YouTube videos on Discord. Ads are part of the experience when it comes to watching videos, so even if you’re viewing them on the Discord app. They will still appear even if you are subscribed to Youtube Premium.

    What are some Youtube and Discord automations?

    Here are a few Applets below that will help connect your Youtube activity with Discord.