Hydration automation

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

Hydration automation
  • One of our most popular Applets just got a major upgrade using filter code and multiple actions.

    See the upgrade in action.

    The IFTTT Team edited this popular Applet and added new filter code. This way, the Applet action only fires eight times during the day.

    Connect these Applets to track how much water you drink thoughout the day and remember to stay hydrated.

    • All IFTTT users can edit existing Applets and enable an unlimited number of published Applets. Search through the Explore page to find an existing Applet to make your own.


      The IFTTT Team edited this notifications Applet based on the Institute of Medicine's recommendation that all people should drink about eight glasses of water per day.

      We used filter code to specify what times of day are favorable for this Applet to run its action. If the time is between the hours of 10am and 5pm, then the Applet will run. That way, users only receive eight notifications during the daytime.

      You can customize this Applet by editing the filter code and making adjustments to the actions. Filter code funnel

      Filter Code

      Write JavaScript code to override action fields and skip actions. All actions will run unless you explicitly skip them. Check out this help center article for more information and examples.

      let currentHour = Meta.currentUserTime.hour();
      if (currentHour < 9 || currentHour >= 18) {
        IfNotifications.sendNotification.skip(`It's ${currentHour}, only running between 9am and 6pm`);
      GoogleSheets.appendToGoogleSpreadsheet.skip(`It's ${currentHour}, only running between 9am and 6pm`);

    • All IFTTT users can enable an unlimited amount of Applets. Try this upgraded notifications Applet for yourself.

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