Slack vs Discord - Best Chat App

By The IFTTT Team

March 11, 2024

Slack vs Discord - Best Chat App
  • Slack and Discord are two of the most popular chat apps on the market today. Both have their own pros and cons, so it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs.

    When it comes to Slack vs Discord, both platforms offer a wide range of features that make them attractive for different types of users. For instance, Slack offers a more comprehensive set of features for businesses and teams, such as threaded conversations and the ability to create channels. Discord, on the other hand, is better suited for gamers and casual users who want an easy way to communicate with friends.

    For businesses, Slack is often seen as the more reliable option due to its robustness and scalability. It also has a large selection of plugins, which allow businesses to customize their experience even further.

    Discord, on the other hand, is easier to use and can be used for both casual chats and gaming. However, it does not offer as many features as Slack in terms of customization or integrations with other services.

    Both tools connect with IFTTT, which lets them connect with 750 other digital tools like Gmail, Google Sheets, Airtable and ClickUp. If you use either Slack or Discord and want to share data between any digital tool, join IFTTT for free today!

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    • What is Discord?
    • What is Slack?
    • Compare the Two: How to determine which is the best one for you
    • Features
    • Pricing
    • Ease of Use
    • Customer Support
    • Automating Slack and Discord with IFTTT

    What is Discord?

    Discord is a text and voice chat platform that provides users with a secure and reliable way to communicate with their peers. It is specifically designed for gamers but can be used by anyone looking for an efficient and private method of communication. It has gained popularity over the past few years due to its ease of use, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support.

    Discord offers instant messages, audio calls, voice calls, video calls, video chat, direct messaging as well as file-sharing capabilities. It also allows Discord users to create different channels for different topics or activities.

    These channels can be made public or private and can be accessed from any device. The platform also has an array of integrations including YouTube Live Streams, Twitch Streams, Spotify music sharing, Trello boards for project management, Google Drive for document storage, and Dropbox for file sharing.

    Discord also offers plenty of security features such as two-factor authentication (which requires users to enter a pin code sent via SMS before they can join a server), data encryption, and DDoS protection (which guards against malicious attacks on the platform).

    Additionally, Discord provides tools for moderation such as being able to kick, ban, or mute other Discord users in order to ensure that conversations remain respectful at all times.

    Overall Discord is an efficient tool that allows people from all walks of life to stay in touch with each other without worrying about their privacy or security being compromised.

    Its user-friendly design makes it ideal for businesses that need fast and secure communication solutions while its various integrations make it extremely versatile when it comes to collaboration within teams or groups of people.

    What is Slack?

    Slack is a cloud-based collaboration platform that functions both as an instant messaging service and a team collaboration tool. It offers users the ability to communicate in real-time (either one-on-one or in group chats), securely share files, and quickly search for messages.

    Slack also enables teams to create channels for different topics or projects, allowing them to organize their conversations in an efficient manner. Additionally, Slack integrates with many third-party applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Github so that users can access the resources they need quickly from within the application itself.

    It also has built-in features such as reminders and polls which help teams stay on track and collaborate more efficiently when working together remotely. With its various features combined into one platform, Slack provides businesses with a powerful communication solution that ensures privacy while still allowing employees to get work done faster.

    Comparison: How to determine which is the best one for you

    When it comes to choosing the right communication platform for your business, it's important to consider both Slack and Discord. Both offer great features that make them suitable for different types of users and businesses, but it's important to review both in order to determine which is best for you.

    Slack vs Discord - Features

    Slack Channels:

    • Instant messaging
    • Group chat rooms
    • Slack File sharing
    • Audio and video calls
    • Direct message
    • Message search
    • Channel creation for different topics or projects
    • Third party integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, and Github)
    • IFTTT integration
    • Reminders and polls
    • Two factor authentication
    • Screen Sharing

    Discord Severs:

    • Instant messaging
    • Audio and video calls
    • Discord's Voice calls
    • Video chat
    • Direct message
    • File sharing capabilities
    • Channel creation for different topics or activities
    • Third Party Integrations (YouTube Live Streams, Twitch Streams, Spotify, Trello, Google Drive, and Dropbox)
    • IFTTT integration
    • Two factor authentication
    • Data encryption
    • DDoS protection

    Pricing Breakdown

    - Slack:

    Slack is available in three different subscription options: Slack's free plan, Standard, and Plus plans. The free version includes access to all the features listed above while the standard paid plans starts at $6.67 USD per user/month (billed annually).

    The plus paid plan costs $12.50 USD per user/month (billed annually) and offers additional features such as data retention policies, priority support and more.

    - Discord:

    Discord's pricing model is based on its Nitro subscription that provides access to various premium services for a monthly fee of $9.99 USD or an annual fee of $99.99 USD.

    It also has a business-oriented package called Discord Enterprise Grid that’s designed for large-scale organizations with advanced customization capabilities and enterprise grade security measures starting from $20 per month along with other discounted plans for larger teams up to 500 users.

    Slack vs Discord - Platforms Ease of Use

    Slack and Discord are both extremely user-friendly platforms with intuitive interfaces and various customization options. Slack allows users to customize their workspace in order to create the perfect environment for collaboration. It offers a wide range of tools and features that make it easy for teams to communicate, share files and collaborate on projects with ease.

    Additionally, Slack has built-in search functions so users can quickly find the resources or messages they need in seconds. On the other hand, Discord also features an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily find what they’re looking for. It has a comprehensive menu system that provides quick access to all its features including voice and video communication, direct messaging and file sharing capabilities.

    Discord also offers robust integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox and other third-party tools through IFTTT that make it easier for users to stay connected with their team members no matter where they are or what devices they’re using. Both platforms also offer two factor authentication as well as DDoS protection for added security.

    Moreover, both Slack and Discord have mobile applications available on iOS and Android which makes them incredibly convenient when it comes to staying connected while on the go. The apps provide most of the same features available on desktop versions such as messaging, file sharing and more so teams can stay up to date no matter where they are.

    Lastly, both platforms have extensive documentation available online which makes troubleshooting much simpler if needed; however, Slack offers additional support options such as a dedicated customer support team that Discord does not yet offer. All in all, both Slack and Discord boast impressive user-friendly designs that allow teams of any size or background to communicate easily without any hassle or confusion.

    Customer Support Differences

    Both Slack and Discord offer customer support for their users. Slack has a dedicated team available to help users with any inquiries or issues that they might encounter. It also offers a comprehensive online knowledge base which makes it very easy to find answers to any questions that may arise.

    Slack’s customer service representatives can be contacted via email or chat should users need additional assistance. Discord does not currently offer a dedicated customer support team, however, it does provide an extensive online knowledge base as well as user forums where people can post questions and receive feedback from other members of the community.

    Discord offers an in-app support ticket system that allows users to quickly contact the Discord technical team with any issues they are having. This system is designed to ensure that all tickets are responded to promptly with detailed solutions offered within 48 hours of submission.

    Overall, both Slack and Discord provide users with ample resources when it comes to customer support services. While Slack has a more comprehensive set of tools available due to its dedicated customer service team and in-depth knowledge base, Discord still provides adequate assistance through its online forums and ticketing system. Luckily, both platforms provide extensive documentation which makes troubleshooting much simpler if needed.

    Automating Slack and Discord with IFTTT

    IFTTT (If This Then That) is a powerful automation tool that can be used to automate many tasks for Slack and Discord users. IFTTT allows users to create custom Applets that will trigger automated actions depending on the user’s specific criteria. For example, if a user wants all of their important Discord messages to be automatically sent over to Slack, they can easily set up an Applet that says “If I pin an important message in Discord, then send it over to Slack.” With IFTTT, users can keep their workflows running smoothly while ensuring they remain connected with their teams no matter where they are.

    The possibilities of what users can do with IFTTT are endless. Some other tasks that users can automate with IFTTT include: creating events and reminders in Google Calendar based on Slack messages, setting up automated responses for certain keywords, sharing files from Dropbox or Google Drive, sending notifications when certain messages are posted, and much more. Additionally, users can also create Applet chains which allow them to combine multiple Applets together so that one action triggers multiple automated tasks at once.

    IFTTT Applets are extremely easy to set up and manage as well. All Applets are managed via an intuitive web-based interface that allows users to quickly find the Applet they need without needing any coding experience or programming knowledge. Additionally, users have complete control over each Applet which means they can make changes whenever needed without having to start from scratch again.

    Furthermore, IFTTT also offers detailed analytics so users can track how effective their recipes are at helping them automate tedious tasks and stay connected with their teams.

    Automating Slack and Discord using IFTTT is an incredibly powerful way for teams of any size or background to streamline their workflow while remaining connected with each other no matter where they are or what devices they’re using. With IFTTT's intuitive web-based interface and comprehensive analytics capabilities, teams can quickly set up automated tasks that will ensure they remain productive and efficient while still getting the most out of both platforms.

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