Spotlight: How to share your Applets

  • Creating Applets that make your life easier is a great way to automate the services you love, but sharing those Applets with the people in your life means you are making the people around you more efficient too. Sharing Applets is simple and quick, all you have to do is publish them to make them available to anyone.

    Not only can you share your Applet links with the people in your life, your Applets will be discoverable on the Explore feeds of all IFTTT users who are interested in similar automations and services. You can help people you know and people you haven’t met by publishing Applets that improve the connectivity of your services and devices.

    How to share Applets

    To share an Applet you need to begin by publishing the Applet to make it visible to others. You can access the publish page by going to the Personal Applets page and selecting the Applet you want to publish.

    Alternatively, you can head on over to My Applets and select the Applet you want to share. This will bring you to the details page of your private Applet, where you will select the Settings button. Click the “Click here” prompt that is at the top of the screen.

    Both of these paths will bring you to an Applet preview page, where you will see a Publish button. Simply press the publish button to make your Applet public.

    Some considerations for published Applets

    Since anyone exploring IFTTT can now see published Applets, it’s important to try to add as many descriptive elements to the Applet as possible. Create a clear and concise title that mentions at least one of the services in use for the Applet.

    In the description, you can add other information such as potential use cases or more details about the trigger or action that is used in the Applet. If other users will need to modify their location or file path, you can mention that in the description as well to give them a full understanding of the automation before they connect.

    Your personal information remains private, even if your Applet is published. This means that your location or details such as accounts and settings do not get shared when your Applet is public. Every user that chooses to enable your Applet will have to connect their own services and choose the device or account that they want to apply to the Applet.

    Share your next Applet

    Once your Applet is published, you can share via the IFTTT website, Android app, or iOS app.

    Get Applet link on the website

    Navigate to the My Applets page and open the Applet you have published and wish to share. The URL in your navigation bar can be copied and pasted. Anyone will be able to open the link to read the description and title.

    From either of the apps, you can use the share icon on the Applet page that will open the option to send the Applet link across different platforms.

    What are you waiting for?

    Now that you have the tools, it’s time to publish and share your next Applet! We believe that every thing works better together, and publishing Applets makes it easier to give resources to others in our lives and communities.

  • Create your own!

    When you've got an idea for an Applet worth sharing, roll up your sleeves and create it yourself. 🤓

    Use the link below to create and share your next great automation. We can’t wait to see what you create. If you share your Applets on Twitter, tag us and let us know!

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