Our team's favorite automations

By The IFTTT Team

March 08, 2023

Our team's favorite automations
  • Behind the scenes here at IFTTT, we use Applets to automate daily tasks on personal and professional levels. From custom messaging notifications and team reminders to turning a light on to notify family members when someone is in a meeting, we love to make every thing work better together. Check out some of our team’s favorite Applets, you might just find one that you love, too.

    Ride and save

    One team member submitted this great Strava and Qapital Applet that saves money every time you log a run or a ride. You can customize how much money you save each time and which type of activity you want it to apply to.

  • Plant a tree when you buy crypto

    The crypto-savvy members of our team love to offset their environmental impact that is used in digital currency mining and trading by planting a tree.

  • Organize your music

    If you have adventurous music taste like some IFTTTers, keeping track of the songs you are loving is a great way to stay organized and share music with your friends. This Applet makes a playlist for each month using some fancy filter code. You can learn more about filter code here.

    • Share your favorite songs

      On the internal music channel, we love to share what we are listening to. It brings us closer in our remote environment and it’s a great way to get recommendations.

      • OOO message

        Work hard, vacation hard. This is an easy way to remind your team that you’ll be out for the day.

      • Turn off your plugs when you leave your house

        Have you ever turned around or had to go back home because you aren’t sure if you turned off a curling iron, straightener, or electric razor? This Applet makes sure you aren’t wasting energy and that your devices are off when you leave home using your location.

      • Explore

        Want to do even more with IFTTT? Explore the possibilities and get inspired for your next great Applet.


        PS: Have a great Applet you think our team would love? Send it to us on Twitter.