Updates to IFTTT free tier

By The IFTTT Team

May 17, 2023

Updates to IFTTT free tier
  • Starting on May 23, all free users will be limited to 2 Applets and unable to use Twitter Applets.

    Pro and Pro+ users will still be able to use and create Twitter Applets.

    We hope you understand this change is designed to help us better support our community and continue to focus on making IFTTT better than ever.

    Applet management

    Free users with more than 2 Applets will have additional Applets or Applets that are outside your tier deactivated. This means Twitter Applets will be disconnected for free users and will stop running after this date.

    In order to avoid an interruption to your favorite automations, you can manage the active Applets you have ahead of time. To manage your active Applets, go to My Applets and archive or delete the Applets you no longer want to use.

    Pro or Pro+

    Alternatively, you can retain access to all of your existing Applets and Twitter Applets by upgrading to Pro or Pro+. Each plan has additional benefits and features you can use to enhance your workflows. You can trial Pro or Pro+ for free for one week.