How to build a digital community + How to grow your community with the TRIBE framework

By The IFTTT Team

March 07, 2024

  • At IFTTT we have learned that a core segment of IFTTTers are using the tool to build, engage, and automate their digital communities. They are automatically sharing their Twitch streams to their audience on Discord. They are also automatically sharing their YouTube videos to their audience on Twitter.

    In this blog post, we will delve into what constitutes a community and then pivot to the application of the TRIBE framework as a powerful tool to analyze and enhance your community. By exploring this framework, we aim to empower creators with practical insights into understanding the dynamics of their community, fostering engagement, and driving meaningful interactions.

    What is community?

    A community is a group of individuals who come together around common interests, values, or goals. It's not merely about geographic proximity; it is a sense of belonging and connection that members feel with one another. Communities can form around hobbies, professional interests, shared challenges, or even life stages. They provide a space where people can support each other, share knowledge, and collaborate. In the digital era, communities have expanded beyond your neighborhood, allowing people from all over the world to connect and interact. Whether it is through social media, Slack, Discord or other online platforms, these virtual spaces are as significant as traditional, in-person communities. Recognizing the core characteristics of your community is the first step towards nurturing and growing it effectively.

    The importance of community for creators

    Communities for content creators are the key piece to building a sustainable business. Your content is always at the whim of the algorithm on YouTube, TikTok or Twitter. By building a community, you are building in a level of consistency that your content will always be seen. Coincidentally, by sharing your content directly to your community on Discord, Slack, Facebook or Twitter, you are getting early views on your content. Those early views will signal a high level of quality on your content, which will lead the algorythm of the social platform to suggest it to more people.

    You know building a digital community is important as a content creator, but how do you know if your community is healthy and growing?

    Introduction to the TRIBE Framework

    The TRIBE framework is a strategic tool used to assess and strengthen communities. It stands for Togetherness, Rituals, Identity, Belonging, and Engagement—five critical elements that are essential for a thriving community. This framework serves as a guide for creators and businesses to identify areas of improvement within their community and to build stronger bonds among members.

    It was designed by the co-founder of Late Checkout, Greg Isenberg. He is the foremost thought leader on online communities and has designed the framework as a measure of the quality of your community.

    The Five Elements of TRIBE

    Delving deeper into the TRIBE framework, let's explore the five elements that are crucial for any community's success.

    • Togetherness refers to a digital (or physical) space where members of a community can interact. This could be on Slack, Discord, Facebook Groups, YouTube, Mastodon, or Twitter.

    • Rituals refer to a common weekly date and time that the community interacts. By creating rituals you're building rhythm and a sense of communal togetherness.

    • Identity refers to the sense of self-importance a member can feel by being a part of the community. If you sent out branded swag, would your community be proud to wear it and excited when they see someone else wearing it?

    • Belonging is the emotional investment that members feel, often leading to a strong sense of identity associated with the community. Is your community welcoming to new members or do they block off anyone wanting to join?

    • Engagement is the active participation and contribution of members, driving the community forward. Does your community run without you posting, commenting, and moderating?

    You should measure your community with all five elements. If your community does not have rituals, create them. If your community is not engaging without you, build a system for them to communicate when you aren't there. If your community is lacking in any areas, you know that is the pillar you need to enforce to help your community grow more naturally.


    Building a digital community is imperative for content creators in 2024. With IFTTT you can automate how you share your content with your community. Sign up for free below and start automating your community!

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