5 best project management tools for solopreneurs

By The IFTTT Team

February 15, 2024

5 best project management tools for solopreneurs
  • Solopreneur [Solo + Entrepreneur];

    One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise without the help of a partner.

    Sounds like you fit the description? If so, then you are in luck, because there is no better partner than IFTTT to help manage all your mundane tasks behind the scenes. No longer should you feel overwhelmed by the endless to-do list for your growing business; try IFTTT today.

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    Along with IFTTT, you are going to need a variety of different apps on hand to stay organized, productive, and mentally sharp as a blade, so you can give your small business your all every day.

    In this article, we will go over the absolute best applications for you to consider downloading, as well as each respective price and set of features.

    Table of Contents

    • Choosing the project management tool that will meet your needs
    • Our favorite project management tools for solopreneurs
    • ClickUp
    • Trello
    • Asana
    • Todoist
    • Airtable
    • What is the best project management tool?

    Choosing the project management tool that will meet your needs

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    With so many project management tools available on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best suited for your needs. Here are some main features to consider when choosing the perfect project management tool for you:

    • Project planning and scheduling: Your project management tool should include features that help you create and assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress.

    • Budgeting: A tool that allows you to establish and stick to a budget is essential.

    • Time tracking: You'll want to be able to track how much time is spent by each team member on their tasks to ensure that the project is progressing smoothly and on time.

    • Collaboration: Your project management software should make it easy for team members to collaborate, share files, and communicate effectively.

    Once you have selected a project management tool, it's recommended to connect it to other work apps, which can be done easily with IFTTT. By making these connections, you can automate your project management workflow and create a more streamlined experience for yourself and your team members.

    Our favorite project management tools for solopreneurs

    Let's face it; there are tons of options for keeping your projects on track, but few are worth spending your hard-earned time and money on. Here we have compiled the cream of the crop in project and task management apps.

    1. ClickUp

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    ClickUp is a great project manager for solopreneurs looking for a versatile and customizable solution. It offers a simple and intuitive interface that can help streamline your workflow and boost your productivity.

    One of the advantages of ClickUp is that it can be customized to suit any type of project. With task views like list view, board view, and calendar view, you can easily manage your tasks and projects in a way that works best for you.

    ClickUp has a variety of pricing options. It offers a free plan that can be valuable for solopreneurs operating on a tighter budget. Its paid plan, ClickUp Business, is a more advanced plan that offers additional features like custom branding, time in-app time tracking, and advanced reporting.

    Here at IFTTT, we use Clickup to keep a simple and neat log of projects and use the tool to visualize what is next for our website. By using time tracking, reminders, checklists, and a plethora of integrations, this tool is a good option for solopreneurs or small businesses looking to streamline their workflow.

    Here are some of our most popular ClickUp integrations:

    2. Trello

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    Trello is another great comprehensive project management tool that provides solopreneurs with the ability to effectively manage their work tasks. With its user-friendly interface, Trello enables users to create boards with various lists and cards, where they can keep track of their work progress and collaborate with their team members.

    Users can customize their boards to fit their specific workflows and goals. Whether it's tracking the progress of a project, creating a to-do list, or managing a sales pipeline, Trello makes it easy to visualize and organize your work.

    Plus, the ability to access Trello on the go with its mobile app allows solopreneurs to stay connected to their work and team members anytime, anywhere.

    Trello offers different pricing options to suit the needs of solopreneurs. The Basic plan is free and offers limited features, including one power-up per board.

    The Business Class plan costs $12.50 per user per month when billed annually and includes unlimited power-ups and access to advanced features such as custom backgrounds and templates.

    Here are some of our most popular Trello integrations:

    3. Asana

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    Asana is an excellent tool that offers solopreneurs the ability to organize their work and streamline their workflows.

    This platform offers features such as task assignments, due dates, comments, calendars, and more. Additionally, Asana seamlessly integrates with other tools and applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack, making it easier for solopreneurs to manage their work in one place.

    Asana's automation features, such as task dependencies and recurring tasks, also help to reduce manual work, saving time and effort.

    Asana's Basic plan is free and allows for unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations for up to 15 team members. The Premium plan costs $10.99 per user per month when billed annually and includes additional features such as timeline and progress views, custom fields, and more.

    Here are some of our most popular Asana integrations:

    4. Todoist

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    As a solopreneur, it can be overwhelming to juggle multiple tasks and projects all at once. Todoist is a great way to stay on top of your daily tasks, prevent delays, and track progress toward your business goals.

    One key feature of Todoist is its task prioritization, which enables you to organize your to-do list and tackle the most important tasks first. You can also set reminders and due dates to ensure that you don't miss important deadlines.

    With a free plan available, solopreneurs can take full advantage of its features without paying a penny. The Premium plan, starting at just $3 per month or $36 per year, offers even more advanced features, such as task labels and project templates.

    With a variety of useable tools and excellent collaboration features, Todoist can help solopreneurs streamline their workflows, stay on track, and achieve their business goals.

    Here are some of our most popular Todoist integrations:

    5. Airtable

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    With Airtable, solopreneurs can organize their work, manage their team (if any), and improve productivity all in one place.

    In the app, you can view your data as a calendar, a chart, a kanban board, or a gallery to easily manage your tasks and projects. With the ability to customize templates, Airtable ensures that each solopreneur can capitalize on its full potential.

    Another noteworthy feature is its rich fields and integrations. Airtable supports multiple data types, including attachments, checkboxes, and barcodes, among others. However, one of the most useful features for solopreneurs is the ability to track records and use timeline graphs to plan and execute projects.

    Airtable's basic plan is free and offers limited features but is perfect for small project management. The Plus plan is available at $10 per user per month, billed annually, and offers advanced features such as grids and forms.

    Here are some of our most popular Airtable integrations:

    What is the best project management software for solopreneurs?

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    No matter what you choose from the list above, rest assured knowing that you have made a good choice. All the project managers we have covered each have unique features that make them a contender for any budding solopreneur.

    Best Free Choice: Asana


    Asana's free plan comes with features that are perfect for solopreneurs who are looking to level up their organization game. With Asana, solopreneurs can create tasks, manage projects and collaborate on projects with team members, even those who don't use Asana.

    Asana is our choice for this section due to the app offering unlimited tasks and projects on its free plan. Along with its Timeline feature, the free version holds almost every tool a solopreneur would be looking for.

    Asana's free plan also comes with a host of other features like task dependencies, calendar view, and integrations with third-party apps. Its visual organization is similar to Trello, but Asana offers much more customizability at the zero-dollar price point.

    Asana may not be the only free project management tool available to solopreneurs, but it sure stands out and is worthy of consideration.

    Best Paid Choice: Trello scale.size 760x427.v1625759628

    Trello is a fantastic pick for a task management app, but unfortunately locks most of its best features behind a paywall. However, at the price of only $3 a month, we believe its additional paid features are well worth the cost.

    The Premium plan offers features that are not available on the free plan, such as custom backgrounds, custom fields, and unlimited power-ups per board.

    Besides that, paid users can acess Trello's advanced automation options, such as recurring tasks that can be automatically scheduled, and team members automatically assigned to specific tasks based on their skill sets.

    Trello's Premium plan also includes advanced security options that are important for solopreneurs who handle sensitive data. With two-factor authentication and more robust restrictions on user permissions for different boards and projects, solopreneurs can ensure that their data is secure.

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