Brand guidelines

By The IFTTT Team

June 22, 2022

Brand guidelines
  • Thanks for your interest in IFTTT. Here are guidelines to keep in mind as we work together and some assets you may need.

    IFTTT wordmark

    Our wordmark may be used in solid white or black. Please use the wordmark when referencing the IFTTT company and overall IFTTT brand.

    IFTTT Wordmark

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    Works with IFTTT badges

    If your company works with IFTTT, make sure to tell the world on your packaging, digital properties, and trade show displays. Use badges in marketing material to promote your integrations, too. You may place next to other Works with or Download on badges like Google Play, App Store, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.


    • — Only IFTTT customers may use badges. Not sure? Contact us!
    • — Use badges as provided, without alteration.
    • — Surround the badge with clear space equal to one-quarter its height.
    • — The badge must be large enough that all text is legible.
    • — Any digital use of the badge must link to your service page on IFTTT.

    Branded badge

    Our branded Works with IFTTT badge has distinct space for your company icon and color to stand out brightly. Let users and customers know your products work with IFTTT in a clear and eye-catching badge.

    Branded badges are created by the IFTTT design team and delivered to you. To request a branded badge, email marketing@ifttt.com with your service name.

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    Branded Badge Examples

    Standard badge

    Let the world know your products and company meet the connectivity and compatibility standard with the Works with IFTTT badge. Put it on packaging, digital material, and conference booths to drive understanding and acquisitions.

    Standard Badge

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    Glossary and terminology

    • — Our company name is IFTTT — not "ifttt" or "if this, then that." All caps, always three "T"s.

    • — IFTTT is pronounced like "Gift" without the "G."

    • — Our app, available on Android and iOS, is also named IFTTT.

    • — Our tagline is "Every thing works better together."

    • — Applets and Connections are new experiences that IFTTT users turn on to get more from their favorite services.

    • — A service is an app, device, or other company that’s partnered with IFTTT to build connections. Every service on IFTTT has a page where users can learn more about them, see and turn on their connections, or create their own connections.

    • — Over 700 services work with IFTTT.

    • — The IFTTT Developer tools are where developers and brands can build services, Applets, and connections for their users, embed IFTTT directly in their apps and websites, and explore in-depth analytics on consumer behaviors.