How to automate social media posts

By The IFTTT Team

June 23, 2023

  • As the world shifts further and further towards a completely digital advertising realm, it seems today that businesses can no longer succeed with solely a basic commercial advertising strategy.

    Instead, marketing teams are forced to pivot towards social media, which offers incredible opportunities to grow a brand's image.

    In fact, there are more people on earth with access to a smartphone and the internet (5.5B) than those who have running water (5.3B.) So simply put, you will be able to reach an almost infinite amount of people with a well thought out social media marketing strategy.

    We all know that social media posts are essential for any business to succeed, but it’s also a time-consuming task. Creating content, writing captions, scheduling posts, and responding to comments and messages; these tasks can quickly take up a large chunk of your day.

    Fortunately, there are tools you can use that will help you automate social media posts so that you can focus more on running your business and less on managing posts.

    In this article, we’ll look at some best practices for automating social media posts as well as several tools you can use to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    We'll also introduce IFTTT, our service that offers millions of custom-built automations tailored to your social media marketing needs. Read on to learn more.

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    Importance of social media for businesses

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    Social media has become an essential part of any business’s marketing strategy. According to recent data, there are over 3 billion active social media users worldwide, which represents a 7% increase from the previous year.

    Furthermore, 78% of consumers report they have made a purchase after seeing a product or service on social media. That figure is only projected to increase as more and more businesses realize the potential of social media for customer acquisition.

    In addition, creating a positive brand image is essential in order to attract customers and build relationships with them. Social media helps you engage with your audience, build trust, and ultimately create loyalty among your followers.

    Examples include big-name companies, such as McDonalds and T-Mobile, separating away from a corporate-style social media feed, and instead posting funny and interactional content and promotions to grab viewers' attention.

    In exchange, social media users feel more personally connected to these companies, and the companies see greater engagement and sales.

    Benefits of automating social media posting

    There are numerous benefits to automating social media posting, including:

    Consistency: Automating your social media posts ensures that your content is consistently shared at optimal times when your audience is most likely to be active online.

    Saving time: Manually posting to social media can be a time-consuming task. Automating this process allows you to create and schedule content in advance, freeing up time for other important tasks.

    Increased productivity: With the ability to batch-create content and schedule posts in advance, you can increase your productivity and focus on other aspects of your business.

    Improved engagement: By scheduling posts at optimal times, you can increase the likelihood of engagement from your audience. This can lead to increased shares, likes, and comments, which ultimately improve your overall reach.

    Cost-effective: Investing in a social media management tool may seem like an added expense, but the time savings and improved efficiency can ultimately save you money in the long run.

    Better analytics: Many social media management tools offer detailed analytics and reporting features, allowing you to track the success of your social media strategy and adjust accordingly.

    How to choose a social media management tool

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    Currently, options are very limited for those wanting to automate social media posts through a stock app, such as Facebook or Instagram.

    To enable the automation of posts, you will have to choose a third-party app to help. Fortunately, there are many quality options on the market today (including IFTTT). We'll go over some of the factors you will need to consider when making a decision.

    Factors to use when deciding on a tool

    Budget: How much money are you willing to invest in a social media automation tool? Depending on your budget, there are options ranging from free tools to more comprehensive paid plans.

    Platforms: Which platforms do you need the tool to be compatible with? Some tools are only compatible with certain platforms and may not support all of the ones you want to post on.

    Features: What features does the tool offer? Many tools offer scheduling, analytics, and other features that can help you manage your social media strategy more effectively.

    Ease of use: Is the tool user friendly? Make sure to read reviews of the tool to make sure it is easy to use before committing to it.

    Best social media automation tools


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    One of the most popular and versatile social media management tools, Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts, monitor mentions, and track analytics.


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    Another widely used social media management tool, Buffer offers similar features to Hootsuite, including the ability to schedule posts, analyze performance, and collaborate with team members.


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    A popular choice for Instagram users, Later allows you to schedule posts, plan your feed, and discover new content to share.

    Sprout Social

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    Designed for larger businesses and agencies, Sprout Social offers advanced reporting features, as well as the ability to manage customer interactions and track brand mentions.

    Best practices for scheduling social media posts

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    First, it is a good idea to determine how often you want to post on each social media platform and create a posting schedule. This will help you stay consistent and avoid overposting or underposting.

    Use analytics tools to determine when your audience is most active on each platform and schedule your posts accordingly. This can increase engagement and reach.

    No one likes a page that seems too sterile or corporate. Don't rely solely on promotional or sales-focused content.

    Mix up your posts with educational, entertaining, and engaging content to keep your audience interested. Including images, videos, and graphics in your posts can help them stand out and increase engagement.

    Don't be afraid to recycle and repurpose old content. This can save time and allow you to reach new audiences who may have missed your previous posts.

    Be sure to monitor your social media accounts regularly and engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages.

    Reap the benefits of automated social media with IFTTT

    If you're looking to automate your social media posts and streamline your social media platforms, one tool you may want to consider is IFTTT.

    With IFTTT, users can gain access to millions of “Applets” that can automate tasks such as posting pictures from Instagram to Twitter, or creating a Google Calendar event every time you post on Facebook.

    Our tool is great for busy entrepreneurs or sales teams who want to save time by automating their social media activities. With IFTTT, the possibilities are endless!

    What is IFTTT?

    IFTTT stands for "If This Then That". It is our web-based service that allows you to create automated actions between different web applications. With IFTTT, you can create simple automations called "Applets" that connect over 800 online services and devices, enabling them to work together.

    In the context of social media tools, IFTTT can be used as social media automation software by monitoring brand mentions, and performing other tasks such as generating hashtags or liking posts. By automating these tasks, you can save time, boost efficiency, and increase engagement with your audience.

    Our top social media automation Applets

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    Share Instagram photos to Twitter:

    Automatically share your Instagram posts to Twitter by connecting your Instagram and Twitter accounts through IFTTT.

    Save Facebook Page photos to Dropbox:

    Automatically save photos from your Facebook Page to Dropbox by using this applet. This can be useful for backing up your photos or sharing them with team members.

    Auto-tweet new blog posts:

    Automatically tweet new blog posts by connecting your RSS feed to Twitter via IFTTT. This can help increase visibility for your blog content.

    Share new WordPress blog posts to LinkedIn:

    Automatically share new WordPress blog posts to LinkedIn by using this applet. This can help increase the visibility for your blog content and drive traffic to your website.

    To access these Applets and millions more, try IFTTT for free today!

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