Five automations that will change your life 2024

By The IFTTT Team

March 05, 2024

Five automations that will change your life 2024
  • There are endless ways to automate your life, with millions of Applets and unique ways to combine the services, devices, and apps you use every day. Getting started can feel overwhelming because there are so many opportunities to save yourself time and get the most out of the services in your life.

    Whatever the weather

    This is our most popular Applet for a reason. Find out what the temperature and conditions will be in your area for the upcoming day. At the time of your choosing, a friendly notification will let you know what to expect and help you choose the most weather appropriate outfit for the day.

  • Other weather automations that IFTTTers love include the ability to get a notification when it is going to rain, changing your smart lights as a visual indicator of the weather outside, and even getting updates on the pollen levels in your city.

    Always remember an event

    Use the note widget to quickly create an event on your calendar. Immediately input a reminder when a friend asks you to come to their birthday dinner on Thursday or when your child’s teacher sends home a reminder about an upcoming school event. Add the date and time into the note’s body and your event will be automatically added to your calendar. You can also send yourself an email or add a reminder with multiple actions, in case you need to prepare anything ahead of time.

  • Turn the lights on when you get home

    This automation is a favorite for safety and for the times you have your hands full. Using the location service, you can trigger events to happen when you enter a certain area. In this case, setting the location as your house can turn on your entry or garage lights when you arrive home.

  • Make this Applet your own by modifying the service or light brand that you have in your space.

    Save your songs

    Spotify is a very popular service on IFTTT. You can automate the events that matter to you, whether you like to share songs with your friends or get a reminder to listen to your favorite podcast during your workout. No matter what kind of music you listen to, this Applet organizes your likes each month into time-bound playlists. Each month you will have a selection of the song you liked. These monthly playlists are great to share with your music loving friends, colleagues, or family members. Plus, you have an easy way to look back at the things you were listening to throughout the year.

    • Other popular Spotify Applets include the ability to get podcast recommendations based on your personal interests, automatically backup your Discover Weekly playlist so that you always have it, and syncing songs across platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud.

      Stay on top of news, your way

      Using Twitter’s advanced search features, you can create an automation that lets you know when there is a tweet that mentions a specific topic that interests you. This is a great feature to automate media mention, social listening, or public relations tracking for a brand, but can also be helpful for personal use as well. To modify this Applet for personal use, you could replace Slack to receive notifications or add tweets to a note that you review. One of the members on our team has used this Twitter trigger to get weekend ski traffic reports, while others use it to track conversations about their favorite show online.

    • There are many additional services that let you keep up with conversations and stories on topics that matter to you from the sources you turn to in your reading. Check out Applets by Reddit or the New York Times for updates on specific subjects. Otherwise, US residents can look to services like the Environmental Protection Agency, the World Health Organization, or even local options like the Texas Legislature to find out what is happening in these agencies at any time.

    • Explore IFTTT

      These five Applets are just the start. With over 700 services available on IFTTT (and more added each week), you will be able to create integrations that make every thing work better together in your life.