Spotlight: Using multi-action Applets

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

Spotlight: Using multi-action Applets
  • The ability to create one Applet to rule them all is available to you with multi-actions.

    What are multi-action Applets?

    Creating multiple actions based on a single trigger takes an Applet from If this then that to If this then that and that. You can create a nearly unlimited amount of additional actions (with some limits on repeated actions) that all happen at once.

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    Why use multi-actions?

    Using multiple actions is a great way to maximize each Applet, stay organized, and streamline actions. If you already know that you want to turn on the bedroom light but turn off everything else in the house when you are getting ready for bed, you can make it happen with a single click.

    When should I use multi-actions?

    Use additional actions instead of creating multiple Applets when you know the trigger will be the same. Some of our most popular multi-action Applets are used for daily routines such as setting off a series of actions when you wake up, or sharing content across multiple platforms at once.

  • Watch and learn

    Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can create multi-action Applets with Pro.


  • Create your own!

    When you've got an idea for an Applet that might use multi-actions, roll up your sleeves and create it yourself. 🤓

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