Our favorite Pro & Pro+ Applets

  • We just released Pro & Pro+ flags to highlight Applets with extra features! They look like this:


    Pro Applets are feature rich, with access to exclusive triggers and actions from services like SMS, phone, and email and the ability to string multiple actions together in a single Applet. Pro+ Applets give you access to even more features, such as filter code and queries, so that you can truly customize an Applet to your needs.

    Below we'll highlight our team's favorite Pro & Pro+ Applets.

    The "I don’t care where we go for dinner" Button Applet

    Can't agree on where to go to dinner? Let us choose for you! this Applet uses custom filter code to give you a random restaurant rated 3 stars and above. All you have to do is fill in your location then you're ready to go. Once enabled, the button can be found in the widgets tab on the IFTTT app. Make sure you have push notifications from the IFTTT app enabled on the as well!

  • The "Get yourself out of an awkward situation" Applet

    Run into someone that you really don't want to talk to? In a meeting that's dragging on far too long? This Applet offers a simple, discreet way to trigger a phone call (US Only) to yourself so that you can politely excuse yourself from the situation.

  • The "I don't want to cook tonight" Applet

    We all have those nights. This Applet will give you a randomly selected restaurant that delivers near you. All you have to do is ask Alexa to suggest a restaurant that delivers by saying "Alexa Trigger a yelp delivery suggestion" then you'll get a push notification with your evening's meal selected for you.

  • The "I love waking up early!" Applet

    With this Applet you can use IFTTT to automatically schedule a free motivating wake-up call each morning!

  • The "My side hustles on auto-pilot" Applet

    This is a customized Fiverr Applet that automatically logs your sales into a Google spreadsheet so you can analyze them later.

  • The "Call me Mr. Jetson because a robot cleans my house" Applet

    This custom Roomba Applet uses queries and filter code to automatically dock your roomba when you return home from work.

  • Explore

    We've got hundreds of more Pro & Pro+ Applets available for you to use. Explore the apps, services, and devices available on IFTTT to see how you can combine them to create powerful experiences for your home.


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