March's Top 5 IFTTT Creator videos

By The IFTTT Team

April 13, 2022

March's Top 5 IFTTT Creator videos
  • Each month we compile a list of the top 5 creator videos from across YouTube. Here are the best videos to get you started creating Applets.


    Kafayat, based in London, offers an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to get started with IFTTT including enabling and creating your own Twitter Applets.


    Dhruva, who is just 14, is an inspiration! He created a sanitizer dispenser and mass screening device that uses IFTTT to alert people if someone should be screened for Covid-19.

    Andy from Dublin

    Andy, from Ireland, shows us how to create virtual buttons that trigger routines in Amazon Alexa devices.


    Andy, from our team, walks us through how to connect Discord using IFTTT’s Webhooks. He then shows how easy it is to post tweets to a Discord channel with IFTTT.


    Ben, also from our team, automates his porch lights when he arrives home. His Applet includes simple filter code to query Weather Underground so that his lights only turn on after sunset.

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