Best automation blogs of 2024

By The IFTTT Team

December 14, 2021

  • We love to keep IFTTTers updated about everything that goes on, our latest additions, and the coolest updates. We can't wait to show you what we have in store in 2024, but first let's round out 2023 with a list of our most popular blogs of the year.

    It’s no surprise that our most popular blogs of 2021 are the ones that keep you updated about our latest services, Applets, and additions to the ecosystem.

    New to IFTTT monthly

    Updated monthly, this blog lists the new services, triggers, queries, and actions that are added to IFTTT.

    New and trending Applets

    We keep this blog updated with the latest Applets and what is trending on IFTTT every week.

    Android Applets

    Android devices are uniquely powerful for IFTTT users. With multiple Android services and apps available on IFTTT, you can create Applets that help you do even more with your device. Many of these Applets are useful for personal phones, but there are also great Applets available for anyone who uses an Android for professional purposes.

    Google Assistant automations

    If you have your hands full of groceries or you are rushing out to an important meeting, Google and IFTTT are at the ready to send a message to your team or close the garage door. Google Assistant is just a quick "Ok Google" away when you need help. With IFTTT, your voice assistant can get even more powerful and help you create customized experiences to upgrade your daily routines.

    Voice assistant collection

    For Google users, there's an Applet to help you command and control your voice assistant with ease.

    Discover how the power of IFTTT can help you talk to your Sonos music system, Hue lights, or call any of the devices you own! There are even options to modify how your voice assistant responds to your phrases to further personalize your experience.

    Widgets collection

    The trio of IFTTT widgets make it possible to trigger an action without opening an app or even unlocking your phone. If you have ever come across an Applet that features the Button widget, Note widget, or Camera widget, you may already have one of these features enabled. Try out one of our top Applets from the selection below.

    Social media collection

    Social media is a great tool whether you use it for yourself or for your business. It allows you to share content, reach new audiences, and talk to the people you love. Sharing pictures and posts allows us to build relationships with people all over the world, bringing global connectivity to new levels every day.

    At IFTTT, we know that connectivity exists between the services in your life too. Using our most popular social media Applets, you can leverage the power and flexibility of your favorite social platforms. This can reduce the time you spend doing manual, repetitive tasks, make social media more accessible, and allow you to tailor your usage to your preferences. We have made a quick roundup of our most-loved Applets.

    Google Applets

    You can do so much more with Google, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Assistant, Google Home, Google Sheets, Google Wifi, and your other favorite IFTTT-enabled services. Maximize productivity and streamline your contacts or calendars with these powerful Applets.

    iOS Applets

    Take your iPhone to the next level! Check out the best ways to do more with the App Store, iOS Photos, iOS Calendar, iOS Contacts, iOS Reminders and Reading List.

    Plus, did you know you can use Siri as an Applet trigger? It's easy, just follow the steps in this blog.

    Applets for gardening

    Your garden, whether it’s the size of a sports field or sitting on your kitchen windowsill, can be a fun project for your home. Taking pride in your yard or dedicating time to cultivating a new vegetable can be simplified and automated with different connected services. We have created a roundup of neat services and useful Applets to keep your garden green and healthy all year long!

  • Explore Applets

    These popular Applets, services, and devices are only the beginning. Explore what you can do with the services and Applets that are available on IFTTT.