Top ten apps of 2023

By The IFTTT Team

February 22, 2023

Top ten apps of 2023
  • We have somehow made it to the end of the year two thousand and twenty one, which is a perfect time to take a look at the apps you are using on a regular basis. On the one hand, you can take a moment to Marie Kondo your phone screen and delete any of the apps that don’t spark joy, or re-organize them in different folders.

    It is also a great time to take a look at some of the best apps of the year and consider the ways you can get more organized, increase productivity, and keep yourself safe as we step into a new year.

    These apps were chosen for their utility, their popularity, and are all IFTTT-enabled. While they are fantastic apps on their own, they can all be synced, upgraded, and integrated into your life in new and powerful ways through IFTTT itself. We have included a few of the most popular Applets and automations for each.


    Put safety first with Noonlight. This app was made as a digital panic button that gives you direct access to your friends, family, and emergency services. If you are feeling unsafe, you can quickly and discreetly press a button. Upon releasing the button, users are given the option to enter a PIN if they are feeling safe or to not enter the PIN. In the second case, Noonlight will notify the police with the phone’s location.

    Parents sending their teens to college or anyone moving to a new city can benefit from this app as it provides additional peace of mind to the user and the people who love them.

    Noonlight can be synced with Uber, Lyft, iOS Health, and Tinder accounts. In the event of an emergency, police will receive additional information such as your date’s name or any medical history you have listed.


    Create a newsfeed that is full of the things you actually want to read. Save articles, videos, and stories from any source and they will be populated in your Pocket account. It’s the most effective way to save articles for a moment when you have time to completely read them or focus on the topic. So many times, friends will forward a blog or your colleague will recommend a piece of news while you are in the middle of another project. Pocket helps you stay focused while providing the opportunity to catch up with the news at a later time.

    With apps for different devices and the ability to access it offline, you can go through your feed at any time. Or, you can use the listen feature to listen to any article, story, or blog post.


    Spotify is the one-stop app for music and podcasts, you can stream and discover music as a free or Premium user. Explore the millions of existing playlists or make your own based on your mood or what you are doing. This blog is currently being written to the sounds of a throwback playlist on Spotify, which should be a resounding endorsement for the service.

    Google Calendar

    If you are not using a virtual calendar to organize your life, I would love to know your secrets.Google Calendar is one of the most powerful scheduling and organization tools that is available for free, syncs across devices, and has the ability to be customized in hundreds of unique ways. Create reminders, tasks, or events to stay organized professionally or in your personal life, create a collaborative calendar for your family, or make a dedicated calendar for an upcoming trip.

    Google Calendar is also a great way to collaborate and communicate with people while coordinating remotely, giving the easy option to add file links, descriptions, Google Meet links, and more.

    With IFTTT, your calendar can be synced automatically with an iOS calendar, to do platforms, and even gives you the ability to quickly add a time block with the press of a button.


    Welltory is a heart rate variability analyzer and health assessment method that is used to inform users about their health and performance. This app was created to help reduce stress, optimize sleep, optimize fitness training, and generally improve each person’s health. The data can be aggregated from different sources, including iOS Health, Apple Watch, Samsung Health, Withings, FitBit, and more.

    Welltory helps you organize the data that surrounds you to find ways you can improve your mental and physical health.


    This is the app that was built to organize your work and life, put it on a list and make sure it gets done. Whether you are running a small business or need to make sure you remember to pick up oranges for snack break, forget less when you have it all in Todoist. Recurring dates, subtasks, and priority levels are all available to help you meet deadlines and even visualize your productivity trends over time.

    Todoist is basically your personal assistant, ready to help when you need it and there to remind you about that birthday gift you meant to pick up last week.

    The existing IFTTT integration takes Todoist to the next level, syncing your tasks to your calendar, allowing you to add an item without opening the app with widgets or Google Assistant, or keeping your shopping list updated.

    Rescue Time

    Distractions are abundant in an online space and Rescue Time is the best way to win back your time. Create rules and routines that eliminate unproductive sites and apps on web and mobile. Set a Focus Time timer for a specific amount of time and allow yourself to flow in productive work.

    Using IFTTT, you can use Rescue Time to add a block on your calendar when you begin a session, or track the times when you are working to help you understand your most productive periods.


    Note taking and list making are just the start for Evernote. This app gives you the power to create detailed, beautifully formatted documents, files, and image compilations that automatically sync across devices. Pick up where you left off at any time, collaborate with a team on a single note, or track entire projects. The Evernote template library creates easy ways to develop budgets, meeting notes, habit trackers, and weekly planners.


    We had to include ourselves, of course. 👋 Our Android and iOS apps offer additional access to features such as Android device automation, quick-access widgets (that can be enabled on wearables like the Apple Watch), and mobile notifications.

    Both apps are completely free to download and use (Pros get access to more advanced features like unlimited Applets, multi-action Applets, filter code, and more) and are available in over 150+ countries. With over 700 apps, services, and brands available to automate and integrate, the possibilities are truly endless. Download the app today to try it for yourself and unlock more powerful experiences this year.

    Plus, as you can see from the previous apps on this list, IFTTT is the app that keeps on giving. Do more with the services and devices you already use with millions of Applets published and ready to be enabled.