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What happened to the DO mobile apps?

We combined our DO and IF apps into one powerful IFTTT app. All the functionality of DO is available in IFTTT and now you can manage all of your Applets with widgets from one place.  

Where are my DO Recipes?

DO Recipes haven’t gone away. They’re now Applet widgets and they're available in the IFTTT mobile app. Here's how to find and use them:

On iOS add to your Today View

  • Get to your Today View by swiping down from the top of the screen  
  • Scroll down and select the Edit button
  • Add IFTTT app widgets
  • Select Done and boom, your Applets will appear

On iOS add to your homescreen

  • In the IFTTT app, tap My Applets
  • Then tap Settings in the top left
  • Select widgets
  • Select the Applet widget you'd like to add to your homescreen
  • Tap to Add the Applet as a homescreen icon
  • Follow the step-by-step directions on screen

On Android add to your homescreen

  • Long press any empty place on your homescreen
  • Select Widgets
  • Locate the IFTTT app and drag it to your homescreen
  • Select a specific Applet widget you want to add
  • Boom, your Applet widget is ready to be pressed

How do I add new Applet widgets in IFTTT?

Search for DO Button, DO Note, and DO Camera Applets on ifttt.com or in the IFTTT app. Add any DO Applet to access it as a widget for your device. For more information on widgets, see above.
Here's where to manage your DO Applets in the IFTTT app:

On iOS and Android

  • Tap Applets
  • Then tap Settings in the top left
  • Select widgets

Tip for iPhones with 3D Touch:

Firmly press the IFTTT app on your homescreen for quick access to your widgets, DiscoverSearchMy Applets and Activity.