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Where can I download the IFTTT app?

The IFTTT app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices.


Which devices are compatible with the IFTTT app?

The IFTTT mobile app supports iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or higher, and Android devices running 4.1 or higher. It’s also compatible with the iPad and iPod touch.


Why does the IFTTT app need permission to access functions on my device?

When you install the IFTTT app, we ask for permission to access core functions of your device’s operating system:

  • Camera: Permission to access your device’s camera and photos
  • Contacts: Permission access contact details in your address book
  • Location: Permission to access location information when your Applet runs
  • Phone (Android only): Permission to access user’s' phone call logs
  • SMS (Android only): Permission to read user’s SMS database and to send SMS from device
  • Storage (Android only): Permission to access the user’s photo database

We only access these functions to when one of your Applets requires access to run. You can revoke access to each function and edit or disable your Applets at any time.


How do I update my IFTTT account settings in the IFTTT app? 

You can update your IFTTT account settings at any time. To access settings, open the IFTTT app and select the My Applets tab. Click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the window and the Settings page will load. Here you can adjust your profile, widgets, and sync options.


The IFTTT app is crashing on my device


About iOS background syncing

What is background syncing?

Applets that use iOS Photos, iOS Contacts, iOS Reminders, or iOS Reading List require occasional access to your device to run. Whenever you open the IFTTT app, it checks for new data (a new photo, for example) and triggers your Applets if necessary.

The IFTTT app also tries to check for new data when you’re not using it. This happens in two different ways: Background App Refresh and location assist syncing.

What is Background App Refresh?

Background App Refresh is an iOS feature that allows apps to run occasionally in the background (even if you don’t open it) and check for new data. Background App Refresh is enabled by default when you install the IFTTT app.

Because the IFTTT app cannot control when a Background App Refresh occurs, these types of background syncs can be unreliable. If you do not open the IFTTT app again after a day or two, Background App Refreshes may stop altogether.

What is location assist syncing?

Location assist syncing uses your device’s Location Services to ensure more reliable and consistent background syncs. Any time you visit or leave a location, Location Services runs the IFTTT app in the background to check for new data and run your Applets.

Using Location Services with the IFTTT app has a minimal impact on your device’s battery. You may notice the ➤ icon appear in your device’s status bar. IFTTT does not track your device or use your location unless required by Applets that use iOS Location.

You can enable location assist syncing in “Sync options” in the IFTTT app.

What happens if I force close the IFTTT app?

If you force close the IFTTT app, Background App Refresh will stop until you open the IFTTT app again. To ensure your Applets run reliably, we recommend that you do not force close the IFTTT app.

Why don’t my Applets run until I open the IFTTT app?

  • Do you force close the IFTTT app after using it? This prevents us from checking for new data in the background.
  • Check if Low Power Mode is enabled. Background App Refresh is disabled while your device is in Low Power Mode.
  • Make sure Background App Refresh is enabled for IFTTT in Settings.app > IFTTT.
  • Try enabling location assist syncing.