Thanks for your interest in IFTTT. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as we work together, and some assets you may need.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at  

Glossary and terminology

  • Our company name is IFTTT — not "ifttt" or "if this, then that." Always all caps, always three "T"s.
  • IFTTT is pronounced like "Gift" without the "G."
  • Our app, available in the iTunes Store and Google Play, is also named IFTTT.
  • Our tagline is "Do more with the services you love." 
  • Applets are new experiences that IFTTT users turn on to get more from their favorite services. We always capitalize the word "Applet."
  • A service is an app, device, or other company that’s partnered with IFTTT to build Applets. Every service on IFTTT has a page where users can learn more about them, see and turn on their Applets, or create their own Applets. Services can have triggers (that can set off an Applet), actions (where something can happen because an Applet has run), or both.
  • Over 600 services work with IFTTT.
  • The IFTTT platform is where partners can develop Applets for their users, embed Applets directly in their apps and websites, and explore in-depth analytics on community behaviors.

Brand colors


Our wordmark can be used in solid white, black, or IFTTT blue. Please use when referencing the IFTTT company and brand.


The IFTTT icon combines our three primary colors. Please use when referencing the IFTTT mobile and web applications for users.

IFTTT icon 500x500

Works with IFTTT

If your service works with IFTTT, make sure to tell the world on your packaging. We can also work together to create something custom that works with your brand's packaging. You may also use when placing next to other "Works with ____" or "Download on ___" badges.

Anatomy of an Applet

Applets are the exciting part of IFTTT — here's a bit more about how they work and are displayed.

Displaying Applets

When you're showing off an Applet, make sure to link your screenshot to the live Applet on You can choose from the overview display of an Applet, or click into it to expand and see more details.