Orion - Voice for Teams

Orion - Voice for Teams

Orion’s award winning walkie-talkie app and wearables help you and your team be more productive. Collaborate via voice without needing to look at your phone. Get custom notifications and automate using your voice or location, and use Applets to connect your favorite apps and IoT gadgets.



Orion - Voice for Teams


  • Listen for a word or phrase

    This trigger fires every time you or someone in your Orion group says a particular word or phrase.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which group?
    • Who says it?
    • What word or phrase?
Orion - Voice for Teams


  • Send a voice message

    This action will send a voice message to an Orion group.

    Action Fields
    • Which group?
    • Who hears it?
    • What to say?