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Automation for
business and home

Save time and get more done


Make your automations more powerful

Customize and control your integrations with filter code, queries, multiple actions, and the ability to connect multiple accounts per service.

The leading no-code platform on mobile

Automate from anywhere, anytime.
Our iOS and Android apps make it simple.

The power of connection

Make your business and home apps work for you.

There are unlimited ways to save time

Convert more leads, in record time

Never miss another opportunity. Automate, organize and track every single lead.

Save time creating compelling content

Generate blogs and social media posts by integrating IFTTT AI Content Creator.

Cross post to multiple social networks

Save time by writing once and posting to multiple networks automatically.

Build on IFTTT, it's free

Join the 900+ brands already on IFTTT. Integrate and grow with the 27 million user strong IFTTT community.

Get every thing working better together

Discover all of the Applets and Services that IFTTT supports.
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