Enables Alexa to do multiple custom actions


This Applet enables you to have multiple custom commands in Alexa. Enable IFTTTrigger skill and create 2 routines in Alexa app, routines X and Y. Routine X))) Alexa trigger is: ☑️IFTTTrigger is pressed. Actions are: ☑️Your first desired custom command Routine Y))) Alexa trigger is: ☑️Whatever you desire. Actions are: ☑️IFTTT: start “trigger phrase” ☑️Wait 5 seconds ☑️Your second desired custom command


Button widget icon
Button press

This trigger fires every time you press the button.


Alexa Actions by mkZense icon

This service from mkZense will send an action to run a routine on your Alexa device. Use it to add Voice to your Applet.

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