If a new to-do list item is created in Todoist via Alexa, import that task to a Ticktick list


This is a convoluted workaround for the currently nonfunctional Ticktick Alexa skill. It requires a Todoist account (free is okay) linked to Alexa via the Todoist Alexa skill. Once you link those and have the required Alexa lists ready to go in your Todoist account, just ask Alexa to add something to your to-do list, and she'll send that to the Alexa To-do List in Todoist, then this will send the same task to your Ticktick inbox! Dear Ticktick, please fix the Alexa skill!


Todoist icon
New task created

This Trigger fires every time you create a new task in Todoist.


TickTick icon
Add a task

This Action will add a task in a specific list in TickTick.

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