The 7 best apps for content creators in 2024

By The IFTTT Team

March 06, 2024

The 7 best apps for content creators in 2024
  • In 2024, content creators have an extensive list of needs to effectively manage and streamline their work. From creating engaging content to promoting it across different platforms, whether you’re a vlogger, blogger, podcaster, or social media influence, it is essential to have efficient tools that can assist content creators in optimizing their productivity. For example, uploading the same photos and videos to multiple social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, repeatedly can be redundant and time-consuming, which includes manually formatting file sizes, video lengths, aspect ratios, and optimizing descriptions, captions, and hashtags.

    This is where automation comes in handy and it’s where IFTTT can be extremely useful. With IFTTT, it can help content creators automate and optimize their workflow, saving them even more time and hassle, as users are given the ability to create Applets that connect to different services together to help streamline the content creation process and improve productivity.

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    In this blog post, we will show you the 7 best apps for content creators, each offering unique and differentiating features that cater to the needs of each and every content creator, which will give readers a better sense of their needs and preferences as content creators.

    Table of Contents

    • Our favorite apps for content creators
    • Buffer
    • Evernote
    • Hopscotch
    • Trello
    • WordPress
    • Pocket
    • Dropbox
    • Building your app arsenal
    • What is the best free app for content creators?
    • Our favorite apps for content creators in 2023

    The apps featured in this blog post all have integration with IFTTT, allowing users to create Applets that automatically trigger specific actions, making it easier to automate repetitive tasks and optimize their workflows to increase productivity. We will go through each app and talk about their unique and differentiating features for content creators to streamline their workflow, save time, and improve the quality of their content.

    1. Buffer


    Buffer is an intuitive social media management platform that allows content creators to schedule posts across different social media platforms to help drive social media results. With Buffer, content creators can schedule posts to go live at specific times and dates, ensuring that their content reaches the right audience at the right time through a consistent flow of content. As a result, content creators can optimize and increase visibility and engagement.

    Buffer provides a wide range of necessary features and insights (that is not limited to scheduling content) for content creators to enhance their content strategy and social media management. Here, we list the key features and advantages of this app:

    • Get an overview of your performance across multiple accounts and detailed insights into your social media platforms, such as:
    • Account analytics
    • Boosted post insights
    • Audience demographics
    • Stories and post analytics
    • Build, customize, and share performance reports.
    • Receive analyzed data to get informed about the optimal timing, frequency, content, and outcomes to maximize performance.


    Monthly - Free: $0, Essentials: $6/monthly for 1 channel, Team: $12/monthly for 1 channel, Agency: $120/monthly for 10 channels


    Yearly - Free: $0, Essentials: $5/month for 1 channel, Team: $10 month for 1 channel, Agency: $100/month for 10 channels


    Our Most Popular Buffer Integrations:

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    2. Evernote


    Evernote is an app that allows content creators to keep track of all their ideas, notes, and anything else they need to remember. From creating, editing, organizing notes and plugging photos, files, and to-do lists into text, it's like having a digital notebook that you can access from anywhere - no more sorting through stacks of paper or scrolling through dozens of different notes apps! Whether users are working on a blog post, video script, or a podcast outline, all of their notes can be organized and accessed in Evernote to stay on top of their projects.

    But Evernote goes beyond just note-taking. Then again, Evernote helps content creators stay organized as it allows them to write and categorize their ideas by creating different notebooks and tags to organize their notes. Additionally, users can easily collect and save research materials, such as articles, images, videos, and audio recordings. Users can also create a library of web clippings that can be referred back to whenever it is needed. These are just some of the features that Evernote provides, but we would love to share more key features and advantages of this app:

    • Customizable and easy to use interface, such as the ability to add, rearrange, and resize widgets.
    • Customizable dashboard to suit your style and inspiration.
    • Ability to connect with Google Calendar.
    • Assign tasks to others and track their progress.


    Yearly - Free: $0, Personal: $10.83/month, Professional: $14.17/month


    Monthly - Free: $0, Personal: $14.99/month, Professional: $17.99/month

    Our most popular Evernote integrations:

    Here are more Evernote integrations.

    3. Hopscotch


    Hopscotch is an all-in-one social media management platform built to save time and to make users’ online presence easier to manage which is a perfect solution for content creators to keep their profiles up to date. It provides a centralized workspace for creating, scheduling, publishing, tracking and managing social media content through a range of features that Hopscotch has to offer, such as with their smart scheduler to schedule posts, including recurring posts, and social analytics to visualize statistics.

    Hopscotch has three main features: all-in-one management, smart scheduling, and social analytics. With their all-in-one management, content creators can easily switch between their social media accounts and efficiently manage their presence from one centralized platform. As a result, it simplifies the process of having to handle multiple accounts in one dashboard, giving users an easier time to stay organized and cut-down on the complexity and time of manually handling accounts.

    Secondly, Hopscotch has smart scheduling, which gives creators the ability to save time and keep their social media presence active by scheduling posts ahead of time and creating custom lists of recurring posts with certain conditions based on preferences. For example, creators can send out a good morning tweet on Twitter on certain days at a certain time.

    Lastly, social analytics is provided to help creators visualize their social media account’s data and statistics. The app provides a graph that displays metrics over the last week, month, and year, that automatically gets updated every 15-30 minutes. With this tool, creators can have a more informed decision-making and strategic planning process to better their social media presence.

    Hopscotch offers various features for users to manage their platforms. Here are a list of key features and advantages:

    • Streamline repetitive tasks, such as adding RSS feeds to post new items, auto-retweeting, automatically adding hashtags or texts, and sending welcome personalized messages.
    • Relationship management, such as seeing who you follow that follows you back and who you follow that doesn’t follow you back, to have control over your connections.
    • Accessible anywhere and everywhere - from your mobile device to your desktop computer.


    Starter Plans: Free: $0, Plus: $10, Pro: $20

    Business Plans: Small: $50, Medium: $100, Large: $200


    Our most popular Hopscotch integrations:

    • Post to Multiple Social Media Accounts in Hopscotch
    • A Google Spreadsheet that Tracks Every Post Published via Hopscotch
    • Create Google Calendar events from new Hopscotch scheduled posts

    Here are more Hopscotch Integrations.

    4. Trello


    Trello is a project management app that allows you to organize your content creation tasks into boards, lists, and cards, sync your cards across different services and tools, log completed tasks, and many more. Trello is a productivity powerhouse that consists of three main interfaces: boards, lists, and cards. Boards make it easy for content creators to keep their tasks organized and meet deadlines through lists that offer a visual representation of the progress of your task whether it's: “To-do,” “In Progress,” “Done.” Cards represent tasks, ideas, and items with detailed information, such as task descriptions, due dates, and attachments. As you make progress, you can move cards across the list to show its current status.

    This popular project management app is known for its excellent organizational features and advanced functionality that streamline content creation workflows. Let’s dive into the list of key features and advantages that Trello has to offer:

    • Project management to keep tasks organized and deadlines on track.
    • Tools for brainstorming, such as syncing comments and tagging teammates.
    • 200+ integrations with various services to ensure that your cards are synced across all platforms, such as Figma, Slack, Miro, and InVision.
    • The ability to toggle between different views to see plans and projects laid out, such as Timeline, Calendar, and Table views.


    Yearly - Free: $0, Standard: $5/month, Premium: $10/month, Enterprise: from $7.38 to $17.50/month

    Monthly - Free: $0, Standard: $6/month, Premium: $12.50/month, Enterprise: from $88.50 to $210


    Our most popular Trello integrations:

    Here are more Trello Integrations.

    5. WordPress


    WordPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform. Users can automatically seamlessly post across social media platforms, publish quickly, bring photos into your blog, efficiently manage drafts, and more. With WordPress, content creators, especially bloggers, have everything you need to create engaging content, enhance online presence, and streamline publishing workflow efficiently. It has grown to become a comprehensive content management system that offers various features that make it the best app for content creators.

    One feature that WordPress offers is its extensibility. It has many plugins and themes that allow users to customize their sites according to their preferences, such as Spam Protection with Akismet to help your site remain trustworthy and professional, Jetpack Search for relevant and high-quality search results, and staging sites to make changes without affecting the live site. Here are a list of other key features and advantages that WordPress has to offer:

    • Monetization tools, such as word ads, paid newsletter, and premium content block.
    • A wide range of design and editing tools, such as block editor, customizable templates, VideoPress, pre-built block patterns, and advanced design tools.
    • A large range of marketing tools, such as custom domain name, form block, social media tools, SEO tools, email marketing, and newsletter.
    • Advanced security that includes DDoS and WAF Protection and Malware Scanning and Removal.


    Yearly - Free: $0, Personal: $4/month, Premium: $8/month, Business: $25/month, Commerce $45/month, Enterprise: $25,000+/yearly


    Monthly - Free: $0, Personal: $9/month, Premium: $18/month, Business: $40/month, Commerce: $70/month, Enterprise: $25,000+/yearly


    Our most popular WordPress integrations:

    Here are more WordPress integrations.

    6. Pocket


    Pocket is a read-it-later app that enables you to save articles, web pages, and videos that you want to view later. With Pocket, you can organize your content and access it across different devices, making it easy for you to consume relevant content when you need it. Moreover, Pocket has a feature that suggests content based on what you've saved, making it a personalized content discovery app. There are many more features that Pocket has to offer for content creators to curate all their ideas and inspiration in one manageable place, such as custom tagging and organization and social sharing and collaboration.

    With Pocket's custom tagging feature, you can create categories of content to save called "Tags," allowing for quick and easy personalization. This feature, coupled with Pocket's search functionality, allows you to keep track of all relevant information quickly. As a result, it offers content creators a solution for effective organization and management.

    For social sharing and collaboration, Pocket allows users to share their saves with others, making it easier to collaborate and share content with colleagues, clients, and friends. This functionality makes group projects simpler to complete and promotes networking opportunities.

    Here are a list of other key features and advantages that Pocket has to offer:

    • Unlimited highlighting in every article.
    • Custom reading experience to tailor to users’ preferences with custom settings.
    • Premium search engine to look up articles by keywords.
    • Ad-free platform that secures user's information, giving peace of mind in case of data breaches.

    Price: Free: $0, Annual: $44.99/year, Monthly: $4.99/month


    Our most popular Pocket integrations:

    Here are more Pocket Integrations.

    7. Dropbox


    Dropbox is a file hosting service that lets people bring their documents, photos, and videos everywhere and share them easily. Collaboration is key in every creative industry, and Dropbox offers some of the most useful features for working with other professionals. With Dropbox, you can share files and folders with other Dropbox users, so your team members or clients can access the information you want to share in real-time. Plus, you can set different permissions for each user, which means that you can control who can view, edit or share your files.

    In addition, Dropbox provides great security features that make your content safe from data loss or unwanted access. You can choose to enable multi-factor authentication, which requires a second form of identification to access your account, and keep backups and version history for your files in case of accidental deletion or corruption. Moreover, Dropbox gives you the option to password-protect shared links or set expiration dates, so you can stay in control of your shared content.

    Dropbox also integrates with many other apps and tools, such as IFTTT, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, or Slack, to make your workflow smoother and faster. For instance, you can edit a file directly from Dropbox within your favorite app, and the changes will be instantly saved to your Dropbox account. In this way, you won't need to constantly switch between different apps or devices.


    Yearly - Plus: $9.99/month, Family: $16.99/month, Professional: $16.58/month, Standard: $15/user/month, Advanced: $24/user/month, Enterprise: varies


    Monthly - Plus: $11.99/month, Family: $19.99/month, Professional: $19.99/month, Standard: $18/user/month, Advanced: $30/user/month, Enterprise: varies


    Our most popular Dropbox integrations:

    Here are more Dropbox IFTTT Integrations.

    Building your app arsenal

    As a content creator, having the right apps can make all the difference in the world. Whether you need assistance with design, video editing, social media management, or writing, there is an app out there that can help. With IFTTT, content creators can create "recipes" to automate posting their content on multiple platforms, create a chain reaction of events that help manage their content, and ensure content stays on schedule by integrating their content creation apps to other services, such as Slack, Trello, Asana, and many more. IFTTT makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the current trends using the search function to find "recipes" created by fellow content creators and the IFTTT community, simplifying and streamlining your tasks. Our service also lets users create custom "recipes" if you can't find exactly what they’re looking for.

    What is the best free app for content creators?

    After reading this blog post, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of options to choose from. However, IFTTT can be a game-changer for saving time and streamlining workflows as it connects your favorite apps, services, and devices. For example, users can trigger a notification or reminder to start drafting their next piece of content, automatically save Instagram photos on Google Drive or Dropbox, or even sync social media accounts to reduce manual effort and repetitive tasks. OpusClip is another free app that lets you cut up longer videos into bite-size shareable videos perfect for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts.

    If users want to up their game, they can use our two AI services that are exclusively for Pro+ users: AI Content Creator and AI Social Creator to optimize their content creation workflow and engage with their audience. For example, content creators can generate a draft blog post for a topic by quickly jotting down blog post ideas via IFTTT’s note widget on iOS and Android or generate tweets for blog posts when a new entry is added to an RSS feed. In addition to our AI services, Pro+ users get to enjoy a wide range of features, including unlimited Applets, multi-action Applets, filter code and queries, and multiple connections per service. By upgrading to our Pro+ subscription, content creators can upgrade the world of possibilities to enhance their presence and engage with their audience.

    Integrate your content creation and management tools with IFTTT

    Technology has made things more comfortable for content creators, and IFTTT plays a significant role in automating the process. The apps listed above go a long way in saving time and effort for content creators, enabling them to focus more on the creative aspect of content creation. By using these apps and IFTTT's automation capabilities, content creators can streamline their workflows and create high-quality content more efficiently. Additionally, the ability to automate tasks, integrate with multiple apps and services, and customize workflows can make a significant difference in productivity and focus. For example, content creators can integrate time tracking apps, giving them the ability to automate their social media efforts and presence to see where their time and effort is being spent. With IFTTT, creators can focus more on creating great content and less on administrative tasks. Automate your content creation app with IFTTT today to automate and optimize your workflow!

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