How to automate anything

By The IFTTT Team

October 04, 2022

How to automate anything
  • Ready to automate anything? Yeah, we said it.

    Integration and automation is the name of our game here at IFTTT. With over 700 services, devices, and apps available, you have the ability to customize routines and create connections that didn’t exist before. From smart home solutions to business integrations, IFTTTers love to get creative.

    Every thing has the potential to work better together. This blog is here to bust some common myths and misconceptions we often hear.

    My device is not smart or internet-connected

    Devices that were made without the ability to connect to the Internet of Things don’t need to be replaced. They can be simply and quickly updated using smart plugs, smart switches, or even smart button pressing devices that do it for you. Not only are the devices to upgrade your old appliances and homewares easy to install, they are generally very cost effective ways to completely transform your space.

    Upgrade an old coffee machine with SwitchBot smart button pressers, curtains with a controller from Aqara, or make any device smart by plugging it into a wifi-connected wall plug. Lamps and lights can be quickly brought to life with smart switches and bulbs.

  • The service I wanted to use isn’t on IFTTT

    Webhooks are the most accessible way to create your own IFTTT connections, even if the service itself is not on IFTTT. Web requests can be created, customized, and enabled as both triggers and actions, meaning you can start an Applet with a Webhook or send information using one.

    Webhooks can come from all sorts of different sources, meaning the possibilities for your Applets are truly limitless. For more information about Webhooks check out this guide.

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    Want to do even more with IFTTT? Explore the possibilities and create powerful experiences by making your own automation or checking out our Applet resources.