How to stream Netflix on Discord

By The IFTTT Team

December 20, 2022

How to stream Netflix on Discord
  • Discord is the popular voice, video and text chat platform used by over 300 million people worldwide. Originally focused on the gamer community the tool is now widely embraced by a variety of segments. One of the more popular activities on Discord is watching video together with friends. We’ll show you here how to host a Netflix streaming party.

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    Follow these simple steps on either Mac or PC to stream Netflix on Discord:

    1. Open your Netflix in a browser
    2. Launch the Discord app on your computer
    3. Join an existing Discord server or create your own
    4. Select User Settings (it’s the cog icon at the bottom right, beside your username)
    5. Navigate to Registered Games (it's under the ACTIVITY SETTINGS on the left hand side menu)
    6. Add the Netflix “game” by clicking “Add it!” (see below)

    Registered Games image - How to stream Netflix on Discord blog

    1. To stream Netflix click on the Go Live icon (it’s right above your profile on the lower left)
    2. Choose your desired resolution and frame rate, now click the Go Live button

    You and your friends will now be able to view your streaming Netflix while also being able to communicate via voice, video and text.

    How to watch Netflix with the Netflix Discord Bot

    The Netflix Discord bot makes it easy to watch Netflix on Discord and even host a watch party with your closest friends! Netflix and Discord have teamed up to design and develop a bot called, "Hey Netflix." Once it's installed, it is easy to watch your favorite shows through Discord with anyone you wish!

    How to install the Netflix Discord Bot

    1. Install the Netflix Discord Bot
    2. Once installed on your server, just type the command '/heynetflix'
    3. A box will open where you can choose which movie or tv show you want to watch.
    4. Start watching!

    How to stream Netflix on Discord Without Black Screen?

    When you use Discord you can often encounter black screen problems when you try streaming games. The most common reasons are graphics cards. If you frequently experience this trouble then there are ways you can fix it. Installing a new Discord version can solve a few problems. Remember that older computers also have problems, which may require upgrading a previous system.

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