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As of April 17th, 2015

We’re excited you’re developing a Channel on IFTTT!

IFTTT empowers users with creative control over the services they love. These guidelines are designed to ensure that every published Channel on IFTTT furthers this objective.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We can’t wait for your Channel to be available on IFTTT!
  • These Guidelines may change from time to time.
  • Maliciousness, skirting requirements, or acting in a counterproductive or ineffectual way may be cause for rescinding your access to the Channel Platform.
  • This document, as well as any other ancillary documentation (e.g. Channel Development Guidebook, Style Guide, etc.) do not amend the Developer Terms of Use.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove a Channel for any reason.

1. Your Channel needs to work

1.1 Channels must have an “https” url prefix for all Endpoints.

1.2 The Endpoint Test must pass.

1.3 The Authentication Test must pass.

1.4 Non-expiring test credentials (eg, username and password) are required for Channels with authentication.

1.5 Three functioning, active IF or Do Recipes that have successfully run at least three times for each Trigger and Action are required.

1.6 Channels that do not perform as advertised by the developer will be rejected.

1.7 Authentication protocol, where applicable, is required.

1.8 User credentials can only be requested during the Channel Authentication process.

1.9 Channels that are not connected to a publicly available service will be rejected.

1.10 Impersonation of another service and/or misleading users on functionality is cause for rejection.

1.11 Recipes must be created solely from within the IFTTT website, its Apps, or any of its properties.

1.12 Where changes are required that affect the functionality of the Channel, you will be responsible for notifying your user base regarding the interruption, break, or change.

1.13 Channels must have at least one Trigger or Action.

1.14 IFTTT reserves the right to deactivate or remove any Channel for poor performance.

2. Data, Description, and Style

2.1 Channel names must correspond to your applicable company or service in an appropriate manner.

2.2 Channel Descriptions must be relevant to the content and functionality of your service.

2.3 Channels must contain a concise, clear description of your service.

2.4 Any URLs in your Channel Description must link to an official and functioning property of your service.

2.5 IFTTT developer usernames must be connected to a functioning social presence of your service (eg, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) on IFTTT.

2.6 Channels that include content which is not owned or appropriately licensed by a service will be rejected.

2.7 All required Trigger, Action and Channel fields must be clear, concise, and consistent.

2.8 Recipe Defaults must be clear and logical.

2.9 Standard and on-color logos must be clear, legible, and representative of your brand.

2.10 Logos that are inappropriate for users of all ages will be rejected.

2.11 Trigger and Action Fields incorrectly marked as private (or public) will be rejected.

2.12 Authentication flows must be clear and descriptive.

3. Legitimate Use

3.1 Scraping any information from IFTTT properties, or create rankings using content from the IFTTT site and services is cause for rejection.

3.2 Developers "spamming" IFTTT in any way (including with many versions of similar Channels) will be removed from the IFTTT Channel Platform.

3.3 Channels that are created specifically to spam individuals or legitimate services will be rejected.

3.4 Developers may not create Channels to discover user passwords or private information.

4. Intellectual Property

4.1 Channels must adhere to our IFTTT Brand and Trademark Guidelines.

4.2 Channels must not imply IFTTT is the creator/originator of your service.

4.3 Suggestion or representation of endorsement by IFTTT regarding quality or functionality of your service is cause for rejection.

4.4 Any third party protected property (eg, copyrighted, trademarked, or patented materials) must be licensed or owned by your service.

5. Legal Requirements

5.1 You Channel must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users. It is the developer's obligation to understand and conform to all applicable laws.

5.2 By Developing on the Channel Platform, you agree to, and are bound by the IFTTT Developer Terms of Use.