May 23rd, 2018

Trust GDPR

Building trust takes more than just legal compliance

Our goal is help everyone benefit from and protect their information.

Our goal is help everyone benefit from and protect their information.
Linden Tibbets, IFTTT CEO

User trust is core to the IFTTT experience. People trust us to get their services and devices talking with each other in a reliable way.

We’re excited that the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brought privacy and trust into the limelight. The GDPR created specific rights for European citizens with respect to their data. That’s great. But at IFTTT, we believe everyone should have more control over their data. So we’ve built new controls to allow all IFTTT users to interact in new ways with their data directly from our website and mobile apps.

We’ll continue to add features that give you even more control over your data.

Take your data anywhere

Export your IFTTT data in a machine readable format.

Your data on IFTTT is yours. You should be able to take it anywhere in a machine readable format and tinker with it.

You will now be able to export your IFTTT data directly from your user profile on our website and mobile apps. Once you’ve clicked “export” we will email you a JSON file with your IFTTT data.

Delete your account

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to control your data on IFTTT.

We’d love to provide useful functionality to you forever. But if IFTTT stops being useful to you, we’ll be sad to see you go, but we won’t hoard your data.

Want to delete your data from IFTTT? No problem. Simply click the “delete my account” link in your profile. You will always be welcome back!


To fully control your data, you need to know how it’s being used. We’re updating our privacy policy and terms of use to provide more granular information about how we use data.

Every service is different. Meaningful transparency will mean different things depending on each service. You will get a relevant just-in-time notice every time you connect a new service to IFTTT to use for a specific Applet. The authentication flow will tell you which data is used from your account and the Applet description tells you how that data will be used.

We’ll continue to think about other ways to provide meaningful transparency to you. Stay tuned!